Underground Operations hub. This is where you access your underground missions.

Earn Underground XP by completing Underground missions. Underground XP will increase your Underground Rank which gives you access to more Directives (difficulty modifiers).

You will be awarded bonus XP when completing phases while using these Directives

Underground Operations have 4 difficulty settings:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Challenging
  • Heroic - There will be more enemies and these enemies will behave more aggressively.

You can choose the duration of your Operation:

  • 1 Phase Operation
    • One varied objective
    • Less than 15 minute completion time
  • 2 Phase Operation
    • Two varied objectives
    • Less than 30 min completion time
  • 3 Phase Operation
    • Three varied objectives
    • Less than 45 minute completion time

Underground Directives

  • Fog of War
    • The mini-map is disables. Directional threat indicators do not show targets unless pulsed or marked. Target indicators are only visible while the target is under the reticule.
  • Waste Not Want Not
    • Rounds left in a magazine while reloading are lost. Enemies do not drop ammo. Starting ammo count is reduced.
  • Mad Skills
    • Using a skill resets the cooldown on the other equipped skill. Using a signature skill resets the cooldown on signature skills for other group members.
  • Special Forces
    • Enemy rounds may be of special ammo types. The type of ammo depends on the enemy faction.
  • Sickness
    • Health drains at a constant rate while above 1 segment. Lost health may be healed as normal. Health in the last segment regenerates as normal.

You access the mission area underground by using the train system.

New talent. Most effective on a sniper.

New talent.

Some new weapons.

Assault Rifle passive bonus of enemy armor damage.

Each gear set may have their own unique weapon. In this case the B.L.I.N.D. System Battle Rifle has a new talent (possibly exclusive to this weapon) which will synergize well with the B.L.I.N.D. gear set.

This “EMP turret” will prevent you from being able to use abilities if you are close to it.

Sample loot.

Crafting resource requirements for 268 item score.

Additional Screen Shots from 1.3.

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