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     State of the Game - 7/12/2016

State of The Game: Key Points

Host: Hamish Bode
Guest: Yannick

Heroic Dragons Nest is released today

Bug Fixes

Map fix (it was a bug)
15% Nerf to G36 Base dmg
Named weapons can now be recalibrated
AlphaBridge gloves are fixed now, they will roll normal stats. Had to reset stats on all gloves to fix this.
PP-19 last talent recalibration is fixed; the last talent will now correctly have no requirement.
Fixed Sentry’s Call bug, it will now work with showstopper.
Fixed multiple consumable bugs with reclaimers.
Fixed some of the Delta issues and disconnections, there is still an issue on PS4
Heal delay (heal lag) is something we are currently working on.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Community Concerns

We have not seen SkillUps video for Sentry’s Call, Pulse, and Smart Cover but we know what he is talking about because we discussed it with him at E3. We are looking into this. “He has some really really good points.

Re: G36 nerf

Since the beginning of 1.3 it was announced that the G36 was dealing too much dmg, the gun could not be removed earlier for technical reasons.

Heroic Underground

Heroic mode NPC’s are very tanky – we are fully aware of this.

The time to kill (TTK) is too high on this which puts strain on ammo capacity. The ammo constraints hit the solo players even harder and we are aware of this. This is not the way we want it to be in the long run. It is a complete pass that we need to do and that will allow us to make a more robust system in the future rather than a band-aid fix. These fixes do take time.

Gear Sets from Specific Activities

We know that people are frustrated with being forced to do certain activities to specific gear sets. We know that this has generated a lot of discussion and we are looking at it. We are looking at options for changing this but there is no guarantee. There are some short term changes we can make here.
An equal frustration here could come from having all gear sets drop from every activity because then it would be difficult to find the gear sets that you wanted.

PVP – The Dark Zone

Toughness in PVP – we are looking at it and we are aware of it. It is not fun right now and there are some things that we can do but we need to test them before we get them out to you. I think the Dark Zone will have some definite advances in a good way (when we make those changes). These will be short term solutions that will improve it a bit followed by a longer term plan.

Solo Players – in both PVE and PVP

The game is very punishing for Solo Players – too much so. The difficulty gap between Hard and Challenging in the Underground is too big. As much as we like it when you matchmake and make friends we also want to make sure that solo play is rewarding and balanced.

229 Blueprints

They do not exist. That is the way it is right now – we need to find out why this is. (earlier developer comments noted that they wanted the best source of loot in the game to come from drops)

The Underground is not Rewarding Enough

Yes, yes, we are looking at it.

Community Q/A

  • Will you be buffing other weapon damages?
    • If we were to buff other weapons it may not just be buffing the damage that they do.

  • Can you make the DZ bracket based on Dark Zone player Rank.
    • That Dark Zone Rank isn’t indicative of your skill, there may be a correlation but you would be lvl 1 and be the best player in the Dark Zone.

  • The blind rifle?
    • Something we don’t have an ETA on.

  • No cosmetic items are dropping
    • Once you get them all they will stop dropping.

  • Tankticians are destroying the game experience
    • We are totally aware of this.

  • Weekly HVT need a little more time now
    • The High-Risk targets are made to be harder because the reward is better.

  • Are all of the gear sets viable in end game?
    • Not all of them are viable in end game, we are aware of this.

  • Is there more use for DZ funds?
    • There isn’t much of a use right now without 229 blueprints

  • Season Pass events?
    • We will be talking about this very soon.

  • Saving Loadouts?
    • This is a very good idea

  • Shotgun Nerfs?
    • I like it but it is a bit of an issue with solo players – nobody is there to revive.

  • PS4 crashes a lot
    • We are looking into this

  • When are we going to expand the DZ?
    • We are not ready to talk about this yet. We will talk about Survival soon

  • Scavenging?
    • It works but not well for end game players because of the way the loot system now works. We think the system needs a rework. Having higher chances of ammo drops or consumables seems like an interesting idea.

  • What are the timeframes for the fixes we have been discussing?
    • There are short term changes that we can do in the weekly maintenance but the larger changes will be made in title updates such as 1.4.

  • For players with multiple characters what is the likelihood we can get unified credits across all characters for DZ credits, DZ ranks, DZ funds?
    • Not sure, there are a lot of issues we are trying to get to.

  • Do you plan on nerfing the X-45?
    • No we are not planning to.

  • What about the FPS drops?
    • Yes, we have people looking into this.

  • What about small underbarrels?
    • We are looking into this

  • Why are there so many job availabilities for Massive?
    • We have many plans in the future and the game is growing.

  • Balancing Shotguns and AR for PVP?
    • Stagger and Armor shred don’t work in PVP but we are looking to see what can be done.

  • Any further nerf on the Sentry’s Call Gear Set?
    • I don’t think we plan to nerf it again.

  • Will there be any more skills added in the future? Drones or any various tech?
    • That would be really cool, this is a possibility.

  • What about the actual drone app?
    • That won’t be coming back. It broke the game pretty hard. It brings the Dark Zone to a new level of frustration.

  • The 182 Gear Score Midas that drops in DZ06
    • It will not drop at a higher gear score, named weapons don’t scale.

  • Where will the G36 be in terms of damage now?
    • I don’t know, probably still first.

  • What are your thoughts on a PTR?
    • We love that and think it would be great.

  • Do you play your game before releasing content?
    • Yes, we do, before and after.

*This has been paraphrased and organized for readability


             Patch: 1.3

July 13, 2016   |   14:00 EST      

     Underground Guide Updated!

             Patch: 1.3

July 13, 2016   |   13:17 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: Natachai - Community Manager
July 12th - Maintenance

Here is the list of changes to be implemented with the July 12th maintenance:

  • Reduced the base damage of all G36 Assault Rifles by 15%.
  • Fixed a bug where named weapons could not have their talents recalibrated.
  • Fixed a bug where the Megamap would not open for some players.
  • Fixed a bug where using the Evacuation Point in Underground before the new Objective Notification has appeared caused the mission UI to break.
  • Fixed a bug where the AlphaBridge Gloves could miss some of their attributes. Note: this change is retroactive, which means that all attributes on existing AlphaBridge Gloves will be rerolled.
  • Fixed a bug where the game music would stop completely when logging out while inside an Incursion.
  • Fixed a bug where recalibrating the last Talent on the PP-19 submachinegun would not yield a free Talent.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sentry Gear Set bonus would incorrectly apply when using The Showstopper automatic shotgun.
  • Fixed a bug where using a Signature Skill could cause the visual effect to be applied to all nearby players (not just group members).
  • Fixed a bug where weapon talents could stack indefinitely while using the Alpha-Bridge Gear Set 4-piece bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where recalibrating weapon talents would yield a random bonus, instead of the one selected in the UI.
  • Fixed a bug where players would die when returning to certain missions after respawning in a safe house.
  • Fixed a bug where PC players would be able to use multiple consumables at the same time.


             Patch: 1.3

July 11, 2016   |   17:10 EST      

     Developer Comments

Originally Posted By: Natchai - Community Manager
RE: Gear Set drop rates and a desire for all Gear Sets to drop in all activities

Post #1

Firecrest and Blind are more heavily distributed in the UG than the other gear sets, that's correct.

Some thing to know about phases however; if you play 3 phase mission on Hard for instance, you have a good chance that the loot you'll get is of a higher tier than normal (the next tier, not the highest tier). If you're already on the highest tier of gear of course, there isn't a lot more we can do

Post #2

Mind you, I said they're distributed more heavily, you can however get all the other gear sets from the Underground as well AND the team is looking to perhaps up that ante in the near future, but I can't share any info regarding it.

Regarding people who are requesting us to make it possible for all venues to drop all sets, there are a few issues with this. First, it will heavily sway even more in RNG's way. Think about it, at the moment you know which venues tend to offer certain sets more, thus if you want a specific set you can focus on that content. If it is not this way, you'll run whatever content you choose and might not end up getting the gear set you want for a long time, factoring in all the gear sets we have currently and possible future gear sets.

Second, if we make all content drop all loot, unweighted, then most of the content will be ignored because players will look for the easiest/fastest way to gather loot and then not bother with the rest. This might seem like a great idea to some of you, as you might be able to gear up faster, but this will be boring and is not the dev team's intention. After all, we want players to play all content, or at least most of it, not just a tiny slice.

I'm not saying our current system is perfect, but the devs are working on it to improve it. The suggestion of unweighted distribution for all content however, is not the way to go. Not for the dev team, and when you look at it honestly, not for the players either.

Post #3

I'm not going to wade in this discussion much further, but I ask you this:

If all venues dropped all gear sets, i.e. incursions, HVT's, Dark Zone, Underground and whatever else may come along, do you honestly believe most people will play everything, or that they will play the one thing that is deemed most efficient re: time spent/rewards gained?

Keep in mind we've already seen evidence of this in the past with Bullet King, Falcon Lost cheesing and what else...

It's very unlikely in this scenario then that it will go as you mention


             Patch: 1.3

July 9, 2016   |   8:44 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!

             Patch: 1.3

July 8, 2016   |   12:45 EST      

     UPDATE: Patch 1.3 Bugs

Massive is aware of the following issues:

  • Dragon’s Nest boss drops may be acquired multiple times.
  • First Aid skill may go through the ground instead of landing on it.
  • Pulse Skill will not always scan all enemies in range.
  • In the Underground, when killing a boss standing on top of a train/bus, the loot will drop on top of the train/bus and will not be obtainable by the player.
  • All NPCs in Search & Destroy and High Value/High Risk Target missions are level 30 leading to lower drop rates of Target Intel.
  • Players will drop Blue Division tech in the Dark Zone bracket 201+ and 231+.
  • when recalibrating the third “free” talent of a PP-19, the resulting talent will have attributes requirements.
  • It should be possible to recalibrate the Showstopper.
  • The base damage of the G36 Assault Rifle is too high.
  • The AlphaBridge Gloves may roll incorrect attributes, or no attributes at all.
  • The Map may not open correctly.

Fixed Recently:

  • Some players may experience regular stuttering in the Dark Zone.
  • No Critical Search & Destroy mission boards might be shown on the map.
  • players might be teleported back to the Clinton Safe House after reaching the electronics crates on the far left of the zone.
  • Using the Ballistic shield to glitch through walls.
  • The Combat Medic talent healing the user for another 40% as it counts you as a member of the group.
  • Players using the Combat Medic talent have found their smart cover disrupted when healing and using friendly AoE abilities.

             Patch: 1.3

July 1, 2016   |   00:50 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!

             Patch: 1.3

June 30, 2016   |   12:45 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!

             Patch: 1.3

June 28, 2016   |   15:45 EST      

     Patch 1.3: Launch Bugs and Common Issues

Common Issues

  • Underground DLC content shows as “Offline”
    • You must complete the new side mission on your map: Secure Quarantine Center
  • G36 Base Damage is too high
    • Nerf incoming

Under Investigation

  • Connectivity issues leading to Delta errors
  • Map not loading
  • AlphaBridge gloves may roll incorrect attribute or no attributes at all
  • We are aware of a bug where all NPCs in Search & Destroy and High Value/High Risk Target missions are level 30 leading to lower drop rates of Target Intel.
  • In the Underground, when killing a boss standing on top of a train/bus, the loot will drop on top of the train/bus and will not be obtainable by the player.

Fix underway

  • Showstopper + recalibration: it should be possible to recalibrate the showstopper talent
  • Showstopper + Sentry’s call: The talent shouldn’t work with the Sentry’s Call gear set
  • Players will drop blue division tech on death in the dark zone


  • PC Underground will not be shown as owned
    • Fixed: Restart your game
  • Delta error 20001082 & extended waiting queues
    • Fixed – there may still be some Delta errors

Unconfirmed (documented by some players)

  • Players unable to enter the train in the underground
  • Player stuck in the underground area
  • Losing the “free” talent on your weapon when recalibrating it
  • First Aid not working properly in underground (shooting it through the floor)

             Patch: 1.3

June 28, 2016   |   12:20 EST      

     Patch 1.3: Weapon Recalibration Costs

(Attempts Remaining)
Weapon Kits Phoenix Credits Status
6 1 110 Verified
5 2 149 Verified
4 3 201 Verified
3 4 272 Unconfirmed
2 5 367 Unconfirmed
1 6 497 Unconfirmed
*Unconfirmed numbers are approximate values based on calculations from verified values.

             Patch: 1.3

June 28, 2016   |   12:00 EST      

     Patch 1.3: Gear Sets


  • Set bonus (2): +100% Pulse Critical Hit Damage
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Blind/Deaf Resistance
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: B.L.I.N.D. System
    • Killing a target creates a flashbang effect at that position.


  • Set bonus (2): +3 Incendiary Bullets Capacity
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Reload Speed
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: FireCrest
    • Killing a burning target grants incendiary bullets for 10 seconds.


  • Set bonus (2): +100% Support Stations healing speed
  • Set bonus (3): +50% Consumables duration
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: Reclaimer
    • Consumables and special ammo use applies to the whole group and no longer consumes inventory.


  • Set bonus (2): +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
  • Set bonus (3): +40% Initial Bullet Stability
  • Set bonus (4): Talent:
    • While not scoped critical change on marksman rifles is increased to 100% but the headshot damage bonus is removed.

Alpha Bridge

  • Set bonus (2): +2 Medkit capacity
  • Set bonus (3): +100% Health regeneration
  • Set bonus (4): Talent: AlphaBridge
    • If your Primary and Secondary Weapon is of the same category, they both gain all of the unique active talents.

FrontLine (Not Yet Released)

  • Set Bonus (2): +300% Ballistic Shield health
  • Set Bonus (3): +100% Ballistic Shield damage resilience
  • Set Bonus (4): Talent: FrontLine
    • Allows use of an equipped SMG while Ballistic Shield is deployed.

             Patch: 1.2

June 27, 2016   |   21:25 EST      

     Patch Notes: Patch 1.3

Expansion 1: Underground

Please note that you must own the Underground DLC to gain access to this content. This is available on June 28 for Xbox One and PC, and August 2 for PlayStation 4.


  • There is a secret war going on in the uncharted and claustrophobic depths of Manhattan. Root out the threat and earn unique rewards.
  • Explore the Underground of New York in solo play or up to four player co-op.
  • Operations: Experience randomly generated levels with all new environmental hazards and traps.
  • Directives: Add a unique twist to your gameplay experience by changing the rules of engagement for both your enemies and your own team and combine more Directives to unlock better rewards.
  • Underground Rank: Earn Underground experience and climb in Rank to unlock new Directives, Operation types, and exclusive Vanity Items.

New Incursion: Dragon’s Nest

  • Travel to Hell’s Kitchen and investigate rumors of a new Cleaner weapon that can wreak havoc throughout Manhattan.
  • You must be level 30 and have completed the mission "General Assembly" to access the incursion.
  • The encounter is balanced for a team of four players outfitted with high-level gear.
  • Heroic Mode will be available one week after release.

New Gear Sets and Weapons

  • Added four new Gear Sets:
    • B.L.I.N.D. – Control the battlefield with an improved Pulse skill and flashbangs with this hybrid gear set.
    • DeadEYE – Dictate long-range engagements with powerful critical strikes or accurate headshots.
    • FireCrest – Set your enemies ablaze with this offensive gear set.
    • Reclaimer – Boost your entire group with the ultimate support set.
  • Added one new Weapon:
    • B.L.I.N.D. System MDR Rifle: Please note that while it will be implemented in the game, you will not be able to acquire it until a future update.

Update 1.3

The following content, changes, and bug fixes are available for Xbox One and PC players on June 28th. Unfortunately this patch has been delayed on PlayStation 4. Expect more information soon.

Read More >> Source

             Patch: 1.2

June 27, 2016   |   17:25 EST      

     State of The Game: 1.3 Weapon Balance

An Unbalanced Meta

SMG’s and Marksman Rifles are currently the preferred weapon for most players because of their exceptional damage capabilities. Unlike other weapons, SMG’s and Marksman Rifles have passive bonuses (Critical Hit Chance and Headshot Damage) which give them a strong advantage over other weapon classes which do not have similar bonuses.

Weapon Types Ranked by Player Usage

When looking exclusively at the SMG class, there is an additional imbalance which is represented again by player usage statistics. The AUG and Vector are most commonly used because of their availability (crafted patterns) and also because they have very strong base stats (high damage, good accuracy, high rate of fire, and controllable recoil).

SMGs Ranked by Player Usage

The following changes will be made to strike a better balance for weapons:
  • Add unique bonuses to each weapon family
  • Increase Shotgun damage output
  • Decrease the damage of the AUG and Vector
  • Make adjustments to the M1A
  • Introduce new weapons
  • Add the ability to reroll talents on weapons
  • Make changes to Special Ammo

New Weapon Bonuses

  • SMGs
    • Added: Critical Hit Damage bonus
    • Removed: Critical Hit Chance
    • To benefit from the extra Critical Hit Damage you will need to stack more Critical Hit Chance from other sources such as Talents, and gear.
  • LMGs
    • Added: Increases damage to targets out of cover by 25%.
    • This change will punish players who ignore cover mechanics against LMG users.
  • Shotguns
    • Added: Stagger bonus against NPC’s
    • Stagger does not affect players so this mechanic will not be effective against players in the Dark Zone, however, Shotguns are also receiving a buff to their base damage that scales with the weapon’s level up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Assault Rifles
    • Added: Enemy Armor Damage.
    • This makes Assault Rifles much stronger in PVE.
  • Marksman Rifles
    • No changes

The goal is to allow the player to choose a weapon based on their preferred playstyle rather its DPS.

The AUG and Vector

  • Reduce the damage done by the AUG and Vector by 10%.


  • Increase the minimum accuracy cap on the M1A. When you shoot consistently, the cross hair will grow to a much larger size than it previously did.

New Weapons with Special Talents (Underground Exclusive)

  • Named Shotgun: Showstopper (This is a fully automatic shotgun)
    • Showstopper: The emptier the clip, the better the accuracy.
  • Assault Rifle: G36
    • Focused: When no skills are on cooldown you weapon damage is increased by X%.
  • Marksman Rifle: SVD
    • Decisive: Killing a target will make your next shot with the weapon be an automatic critical hit.
  • SMG: PP-19
    • Hurried: Each critical hit reduces your next reload time with X% to a minimum of Y seconds.

Changes to Weapon Talents

  • You will be able to recalibrate 1 talent on your weapon.
    • Reduces reliance on RNG to obtain a good weapon
    • Must collect a new currency called a Weapon Kit (obtained through crafting, enemy drops, and crates in the Underground)
    • Cost to recalibrate: Weapon Kits + Phoenix Credits
    • All Talents can be recalibrated (works the same as gear)

Special Ammo

  • Explosive Ammo
    • Significantly reducing its burst damage
    • Now scales linearly with the damage of the bullet
  • Incendiary Bullets
    • Burn duration reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds

             Patch: 1.2

June 24, 2016   |   08:25 EST      

     State of The Game: 6/23/2016


PS4 patch not yet ready for Tuesday

1.3 Discussions

Adding weapon bonuses

  • SMG
    • Added: + critical hit damage
    • Removed: +24% critical hit chance
    • Must stack crit chance on your gear to get the most use out of SMGs
  • AR
    • +20% Armor Destruction for PVE only
    • Looking to add into PVP (hard to get the feel right)
  • LMG
    • + 25% DMG to targets out of cover
    • “in cover” counts as when you are using the games cover mechanic (crouched behind cover and peeking over the wall shooting are both considered in cover)
  • Shotgun
    • + Stagger for PVE only
    • + 30% DMG increase
    • Looking to add a stagger mechanic for PVP in the future (hard to get the feel right)
    • PVP stagger mechanic ideas: knock camera around, slow you down

Weapon changes will not apply to weapons you already own; only new weapons you acquire after the patch (for technical reasons). If the hungry hog drops after the patch drops it will be a much better hungry hog.


  • Reduced base damage by 10%
  • Will affect existing guns which are currently in your inventory


  • Reticle bloom increased on M1A
  • If you are spamming shots your reticle bloom will be noticeably larger
  • “it will be a little bit less accurate”
  • Will affect existing guns which are currently in your inventory

Optimal range

Paper DPS calculates all weapons at their optimal range. For SMGs optimal range falls off quite aggressively. The damage gets very low very quickly.

“Tanktician” Meta

Very aware of the “Tanktician” meta and watching it closely. It shouldn’t be the only choice and there should be a mix of glass cannons, supports, etc. This is where we were looking at bringing in armor destruction to balance out the Tank meta.

Striker/Sentry Changes

  • Taking some of the power away from the 2/3 piece bonus
  • Moving some of the bonus into a new 5 piece bonus

Special ammo changes (“a proper nerf”)

Each have been reduced by 75% effectiveness
  • Explosive ammo
    • The explosion will always scale 1:1 with the bullet
    • You will not be one-shotted by the M44 anymore
  • Incendiary ammo
    • Lasts for much shorter (30% of what it used to last for)
These changes should be put in perspective of the new consumable based gear set bonuses. The new consumable based gear set is supposed to allow you to be that “buff bot” – the backline support guy.
We want the consumables to be a useful part of the game. Working on the comfort of using that menu and adjusting the effects as we just said.

New Weapons and Weapon Families

The E3 build with the B.L.I.L.D. Battle Rifle will not be released with this patch. It will be in the game later but not yet. We need to get it right, it’s a very unique gun.

Showstopper (shotgun)
  • Fully automatic shotgun with a drum magazine
  • “absolutely ridiculous”
  • Showstopper: shrinks your reticule more with the less ammo you have.
  • Pinpoint accurate for the last few rounds similar to an LMG
G36 (Assault Rifle)
  • Rolls with a talent geared towards your skill usage
  • Focused: When your skills are not on cooldown you get more damage out of it
  • As soon as you use your pulse, the talent becomes inactive
SVD (Marksman Rifle)
  • Decisive: if you kill something your next shot will be a critical hit
  • Not random, use them wisely
PP19 (SMG)
  • Large magazine
  • Hurried: The more you crit with it the faster the reload

Now able to Recalibrate your weapon talent for all weapons. Similar to gear recalibration. You can roll away the new weapon talents if you don’t like them. If you do like the new talent then you can reroll one of the two remaining talents which can make it easier to get a “god roll” weapon. The new weapons all will have their dedicated talents on them.

             Patch: 1.2

June 23, 2016   |   22:00 EST      

     How to Prepare for Update 1.3

  • Save up crafting materials
    • Just like the other updates, some of the newest set pieces can be crafted. Item level 268 Gear Set items cost 27 Fabric and 9 Electronics.
  • Save up Phoenix Credits (reach the 2k Phoenix Credit cap if possible)
    • The 268 blueprints will cost around 705 Phoenix Credits each.
  • Don’t open any sealed caches that you find
    • Some have speculated that the old caches could contain the new set pieces after the update.
  • Get your Dark Zone rank up
    • New Gear Set items will be available from the Dark Zone vendors but they will require the proper Dark Zone rank to acquire.
  • Farm DZ Funds
    • To purchase new Gear Set items and weapons you will need plenty of DZ funds. If a really good crafting pattern appears for the first week of the patch you don’t want to miss out on it.
  • Don’t recalibrate your gear
    • You are going to need those credits soon to recalibrate 268 Gear Set items. Save up at least 1.5 million credits (or more) so you can recalibrate each item once.
  • Try to find a really good SMG (god roll)
    • New SMGs that drop after 1.3 will have Critical Hit Damage but any SMG that you find before 1.3 will keep Critical Hit Chance as its passive bonus. Having your Critical Hit Chance come from your SMG is much better than having it come from Pulse because enemies in the Dark Zone can counter your pulse and negate its effects.
    • It is very likely that your Pre-1.3 SMG will outperform your Post-1.3 SMG until you get very high item level weapons with good rolls. Remember that you will be able to recalibrate your Pre-1.3 SMG after the patch so you only need 2/3 of the god roll talents and you can recalibrate (with some luck) the third.

             Patch: 1.2

June 23, 2016   |   21:13 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: HamishBode
[PSA] Changes to weapons incoming in 1.3
In putting together patch notes, it's become clear that there are specific changes coming to the weapons that will impact some existing weapons. Some of the changes will only apply to weapons dropped after the update. There will be more information about this on Thursday in the State of the Game but it might be worth holding on to those crafting materials for now. Just thought you should know.

             Patch: 1.2

June 21, 2016   |   10:51 EST      

     Patch 1.3 E3 Gameplay

Underground Operations hub. This is where you access your underground missions.

Earn Underground XP by completing Underground missions. Underground XP will increase your Underground Rank which gives you access to more Directives (difficulty modifiers).

You will be awarded bonus XP when completing phases while using these Directives

Read More >> Source

             Patch: 1.2

June 21, 2016   |   09:25 EST      

    Patch 1.3 Weapon Balance Changes
Weapon Type New Bonus Old Bonus
SMG +50% Critical Hit Damage +23% Critical Chance
Assault Rifle +20% Armor Shred (PVE Only) None
LMG 25% DMG against targest out of cover None
Shotgun 200% Stagger Chance (PVE Only) None
Marksman Rifle No Change +155% Headshot Damage

All numbers are average or approximate values.


             Patch: 1.2

June 21, 2016   |   09:00 EST      

     State of The Game: 6/16/2016

So to recap:


In today’s weekly maintenance we fixed an issue where low level players were receiving High End items when completing High Value Target missions with level 30 friends. We’ve also just released Intelligence Annex 11, in which we dive deep into Underground! So you might want to check that out for your burning Expansion questions.

Looking Forward

The team is working hard to deliver an awesome Underground experience as well as a great Update 1.3 that will be coming to everyone. Update 1.3 will feature significant weapons balancing, among other things, so players will have the option of using the weapons they like and be more effective with them! We’ll be releasing an article very soon to detail just what is happening with the weapons balancing, so you can get a taste of what to expect and perhaps even prepare your loadout already!

Hot Topic

With Underground coming, an important question we get of course is which parts are free and which are paid. Let’s break it down.

1.3 Exclusive DLC Content: Underground feature, the new Dragon’s Nest Incursion and 4 DLC exclusive Gear Sets.

1.3 Free content: bug fixes, weapon balancing, gameplay changes, new weapons and 1 new gear set!

Frontline Gear Set

During our E3 demo, some people have looted pieces of the Frontline Gear Set. However, this set will not be included in the update yet. We’d also like to remind everyone that any numbers and balancing are still subject to change, so don’t get too ambitious on theorycrafting just yet!"

             Patch: 1.2

June 16, 2016   |   18:25 EST      

     E3 News - Trailer for The Divison: Survival DLC

Ubisoft has released a trailer for the second expansion in The Division series. This expansion is titled "Survival". The details of this expansion are limited, more information to come. The official release date has not been announced.

             Patch: 1.2

June 14, 2016   |   14:38 EST      

     E3 News - Trailer for The Divison: Underground DLC

Ubisoft has released a trailer for the first expansion in The Division series. This expansion is titled "Underground" and will include randomly generated underground missions, an all-new incursion, new weapons, gear and more. The official release date has not been announced.

             Patch: 1.2

June 14, 2016   |   14:11 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha
RE: The Difficulty of Building a Perfect Set of Gear
With the amount of stacked RNG your developers have baked into this game there is NO WAY flooding the environment in drops could be a problem.

Do you guys even play this game? Do you have any clue what the chances are of getting a weapon with the rolls you want? Even harder still, trying to get armor with stats that support your build.

I fully understand how difficult it is to get the perfect drop for the perfect build that you are trying to complete. That is the game, literally. This is a persistent online shooter that revolves around collecting gear, tinkering with your load out, and testing it in a variety of missions and experiences. That is the game. As new gear comes along, the hunt for it continues. As the flow of the game changes and players equip themselves differently, the hunt continues. That is the game.

I do appreciate any feedback you have and hope we can continue this discussion in as civil a manner as possible.

             Patch: 1.2

June 8, 2016   |   08:55 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha
RE: Suspected Nerfed Dropped Rates in the Dark Zone
The team has dug into this topic and investigated and no, nothing has been changed with the drops. Our ComDev, Yannick, stopped by Reddit to discuss it briefly and cleared this up already.

Yannick on Reddit:

There was no change to the Dark Zone drops since the release of Update 1.2. I’ve confirmed that with the team.

Actually, to be sure that there wasn’t something unintended that made its way to the game, we also looked at the actual drop rates in the Dark Zone (not the theoretical ones, but how many times Gear Set items actually dropped in the DZ), and I can confirm that the rate hasn’t changed since May 24."


             Patch: 1.2

June 9, 2016   |   7:26 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha
RE: Quietly nerfing crit chance cap to 60%

First off, I completely understand your frustration with the communication on this topic. We certainly did not intend for this to be something that was slipped into an update with no communication.

I also have to note, however, that having a 100% critical hit chance was never intended either. If every round was a critical hit, then they wouldn't be considered critical hits anymore. I don't say that condescendingly, but as a way to help understand the new cap. Capping the crit chance at 60% is basically saying that better than half of your hits are critical. This is a reasonable cap.

That doesn't excuse the communications in any way and I am not saying that a brief explanation of the mindset should make this all go away, I'm just trying to share whatever background I can into this situation.


             Patch: 1.2

June 8, 2016   |   08:50 EST      

    Patch Notes - Patch 1.2

Here is the list of changes that will be implemented with the update 1.2:



New Incursion: Clear Sky

  • Clear Sky is a new Incursion mission available in Columbus Circle.
  • You must be level 30.
  • The encounter is balanced for a team of 4 players outfitted with high level gear.
  • Hard Mode is available on May 24 when the update is released.
  • Challenge Mode will be made available the week after update 1.2 launches.

New Gear Sets

Four new gear sets have been added.

Final Measure

Stand your ground by defusing hostile grenades with this powerful defensive set.

  • 2 pieces: +50% Exotic Damage Resilience
  • 3 pieces: +15% Protection from Elites
  • 4 pieces: When throwing a grenade, gain the defuse buff. When in range of a hostile grenade, the buff is consumed and defuses the grenade as well as gives you a grenade.

Hunter's Faith

Duel your enemies at range and come out on top with this survival focused marksman set.

  • 2 pieces: +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage
  • 3 pieces: +20% Damage to elites
  • 4 pieces: Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants you temporary armor. The further your shot, the more armor is awarded. The armor disappears after one bullet hits you.

Lone Star

Never reload your weapons again with this game changing utility set.

  • 2 pieces: +100% Ammo capacity
  • 3 pieces: +1000 LMG Damage, +1000 Shotgun Damage
  • 4 pieces: When the weapon is holstered, it regains full ammo.

Predator's Mark

Make your enemies bleed with this powerful offensive set.

  • 2 pieces: +20% Optimal Range
  • 3 pieces: +800 Assault Rifle damage, +700 Pistol Damage
  • 4 pieces: Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target bleed for 100% of damage already done by those bullets.

High-Value Targets & Search and Destroy missions

  • At level 30, complete all Encounters and Side Missions in a named area to get access to the “Search and Destroy” missions in the Safe House.
  • Receive Target Intel as a reward for completing Search and Destroy missions.
  • Bring Target Intel to HVT officers at the Base of Operations to locate High Value Targets.
  • Complete daily and weekly High Value Target missions for end game rewards.

Read More >>Source

             Patch: 1.2

May 24, 2016   |   08:00 EST      

     Patch 1.2 – Set to be released May 24th.
Ubisoft has released a trailer for Patch 1.2 - Conflict and announced an official release date of May 24th.

Via Reddit.com - The Division

             Patch: 1.1

May 17, 2016   |   17:46 EST      

    Falcon Lost Incursion Gear
Striker's Battlegear
•	Set bonus (2): +20% enemy armor damage.
•	Set bonus (3): +50% critical hit damage.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Shooter (every consecutive hit deals 1% more enemy damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2% Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.
Path of the Nomad
•	Set bonus (2): +100% scavenging.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% health on kill.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Nomad: When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.
Tactician's Authority
•	Set bonus (2): +4000 skillpower.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% skill haste.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Tactician's Authority: Every 60k damage your group deals adds 1% skillpower to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn't dealing damage.
Sentry's Call
•	Set bonus (2): +30% headshot damage.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% damage to elites.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Stalker: Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.
Striker's Battlegear
•	Set bonus (2): +20% enemy armor damage.
•	Set bonus (3): +50% critical hit damage.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Shooter (every consecutive hit deals 1% more enemy damage. Stacks up to 100%. Missing shots drops bonus by 2% Bonus is reduced by 1% every second.
Path of the Nomad
•	Set bonus (2): +100% scavenging.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% health on kill.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Nomad: When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can occur once every 10 minutes.
Tactician's Authority
•	Set bonus (2): +4000 skillpower.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% skill haste.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Tactician's Authority: Every 60k damage your group deals adds 1% skillpower to you for a max of 100% bonus. Bonus is reduced by 1% every second the group isn't dealing damage.
Sentry's Call
•	Set bonus (2): +30% headshot damage.
•	Set bonus (3): +20% damage to elites.
•	Set bonus (4): Talent: Stalker: Headshots mark the enemy, increasing the damage inflicted on the target by 15% for duration of 10 seconds each. A target can receive up to three marks.

             Patch: 1.1

May 10, 2016   |   06:00 EST      

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