Weapon Talents Rankings

The table below shows you all of the weapon talents in the game ranked from best to worst. They are grouped into tiers but not ranked against one another within each tier. When crafting a weapon or deciding between loot drops you should use this table to help you determine the value of that weapon based on your preference of play (PVE vs PVP). If you want to remain versatile and have a weapon that is strong in both PVE and PVP then you should use the PVP table as your go-to reference.

While some weapon talents will be ranked very high, they may not be useful for you depending upon your build. For example, if you are very low in electronics then you may not be able to activate the Fierce talent unless it is unlocked on your gun by default. High Firearms builds would find more use in Deadly since it has no electronic requirement. The colored squares on the right side of the table can help you determine if you are able to activate that talents Firearms/Stamina/Electronics (F/S/E) requirement. If you are very low in electronics then you want talents that have “no electronic” requirements as indicated by a gray square in the Electronics (E) column.

Meeting the Weapon Talent Stat Requirement

The low/medium/high requirements adjust depending upon the item “score” of your weapon. A 204 weapon will require 2579 Firearms to activate brutal instead of only 2166 Firearms to activate on a 163 weapon. Check the item score of your weapon and reference the table below to see whether you would be able to activate the talents. In some cases you may find that lower item score weapons can deal more damage than a higher item score weapon because you are able to more easily activate all of the talents.

  Stat Requirement
Item 'Score' Low Medium High
132 1083 1444 1805
163 1300 1733 2166
182 1417 1889 2362
204 1547 2063 2579
229 1695 2260 2825

The Division weapon talent rankings for PVE
The Division weapon talent rankings for PVP

Special Case Exceptions:

Vicious (crit chance while at full health) with First Aid (Overdose) with can be very good since the overheal can keep you at full health for a good period of time in a PVP scenario or in a PVE setup where your entire team is using Overdose constantly.

Proficient (First bullet crit chance when out of combat) when used with an M44 Marksman Rifle and explosive ammo against targets in PVP can be devastating. You have to be out of combat so it this is highly situational.

Provident (last bullet deals bonus damage) can be decent when used with M44 Marksman Rifle. Advanced PVP strategy: intentionally dump ammo down to the last round in the magazine in attempt to kill a player in one shot. Highly situtional.

Restored (kills remove negative status effect) is currently not very useful. It removes negative status effects (blind/disorient/burn/bleed/shock) but you have to get a kill while the status effect is affecting you. Unfortunately you are unable to shoot when burning, unable to see well enough to shoot when blinded/disoriented, and unable to shoot when shocked. This means that the only realistic use of the talent is to remove a bleed (which is usually only applied in PVP).

Trained (critical hits increase signature skill resources) can be paired well with a shotgun since each pellet is able to critically hit this means that a single trigger pull of the shotgun can trigger this talent 8 times.

Skilled (headshot kills increase signature skill resources) can be used against AI in the Darkzone to quickly regain your signature skill. You can have a second weapon with this talent in your bag though so you don’t need it on your main weapon. Signature skills are incredibly powerful though and having it up every time you fight an enemy in PVP can really surprise and confuse your opponents.

Self-Preserved (critical hits heal for x% damage dealt) can be useful in certain PVE situations but in PVP the heal is reduced significantly since you deal reduced damage to players.

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