Suppression and Threat

What is suppression?

Suppression is a measure of how frequently (or how quickly) you will be able to suppress a target. Once the target has been suppressed they will be forced to hide behind cover in a passive state for 3 seconds before resuming aggressive actions.

Benefits of using weapons with high suppression

When using a weapon with high suppression you will frequently force your enemies behind cover and they will stop shooting at you. If there are 10 enemies actively trying to kill you and your team is able to suppress 6 of them then it’s almost like a 60% damage reduction (since there are now only 4 enemies shooting at you) and it allows you to stay out of cover for longer periods of time. The disadvantage is that you must change targets often and it feels a bit like whack-a-mole.

Benefits of using weapons with low suppression

High suppression can slow down the speed of your run because you won’t be able to easily shoot enemies that are hiding from you. Instead you can use low suppression weapons to keep targets visible and easy to kill.

Weapon Suppression

What is threat?

Threat is a measure of how likely an enemy is to shoot at you instead of your teammates. Threat is influenced by multiple factors including distance from the target, flanking the enemy, ability use, and shooting. This guide specifically addresses shooting related threat when bullets strike a target

If you are playing solo, then threat is meaningless. If you are playing in a group, then what matters is how your threat compares to your teammates. If you have low threat, but your friend has even lower threat then you are more likely to be shot at by the enemy.

Benefits of using weapons with high threat

If you are built with high armor, then having high threat can help you hold the attention of enemies and prevent them from shooting your team.

Benefits of using weapons with low threat

If you are built with low armor, then having low threat will ensure that your team is more likely to be shot at than you which means you should be able to survive more easily.

Weapon Threat

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