Weapon Scaling Analysis

What is Weapon Scaling?

Weapon scaling is a hidden value that determines how much the base damage of your weapon increases as you stack Firearms. Some weapons gain very little benefit from Firearms while other weapons gain substantial benefit.

Should you stack Firearms?

Stacking Firearms is not a good choice for the average player seeking a versatile build. There are several top tier weapon talents that require high stamina and electronics to activate which would be inaccessible in a build that stacks Firearms.

Weapon Scaling

What can we learn from the graphic above?

There are very clear outliers in terms of Weapon scaling and you will definitely want to choose a weapon near the top if you have chosen to stack Firearms. As for the rest of the weapons it is clear that the difference between them is marginal.

In our weapon DPS rankings we have seen bolt-action rifles lag behind their semi-automatic MMR counterparts. From this analysis you might conclude that bolt action rifles are designed around a player that has stacked abnormally high amounts of firearms.

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