Recoil and Accuracy

How recoil works in The Division

Each weapon in The Division has a unique value for Horizontal Recoil and Vertical Recoil which may be applied to each bullet you fire. Without getting too heavy into math, the amount of work that the player has to do to compensate for recoil is called “Recoil Compensation” and it can be calculated simply by doing the Pythagorean theorem.

Weapon Control

Since recoil is applied per bullet you must then incorporate the Rate of Fire into the calculation to determine how much Recoil Compensation you must be doing each second. This allows every gun to be evaluated on a level playing field.

How to reduce the effects of Recoil

To reduce the amount of Recoil Compensation needed you can choose a weapon with lower recoil or you can mod your weapon with Stability. Both of these things will increase your DPS by allowing you to stay on target and miss fewer shots.

The Recoil Chart

The “Recoil per Second” is the amount of Recoil Compensation you must do each second when firing the weapon. Weapons with greater Recoil per Second are more likely to require Stability mods to use effectively. Weapons with lower Recoil per Second may be modded with damage (headshot damage/crit) instead.

Weapon Recoil

The chart indicates that, as a general rule, recoil is highest on shotguns and lowest on SMGs:

Shotgun > MMR > AR > LMG > Pistol > SMG

Based on this, you may want to then mod your MMR/AR with Stability whereas your LMG/SMG could be modded with damage instead.

How Accuracy Works in The Division

Each weapon has a value for Maximum Accuracy and Minimum Accuracy. Before you begin shooting your crosshair will have the minimum amount of spread (Minimum Accuracy) and after you have been shooting your crosshair will spread until it reaches a maximum expansion (Maximum Accuracy).

How to reduce the effects of Accuracy

Find a weapon with lower Accuracy or mod your weapon with Accuracy. Accuracy is frequently undervalued. Many players who are aiming directly at the target think that they are hitting the target with every bullet. This is not always the case, your crosshair can be perfectly on the target and your bullet can fly off to the side (it is more noticeable with weapons that have a larger spread - most notably semi-auto MMRs). All of your missed bullets can really add up and reduce your DPS.

The Accuracy Chart

As you shoot your weapon its crosshairs will expand from Min (green) to Max (blue). It can be clearly seen that Pistols and Shotguns have very little difference between min/max and the SMG class has some fluctuation with some (Vector, MP5, MP7, AUG) having very little difference between min/max and others (PP-19, T821, SMG-9) having a decent amount of spread differential.

An important thing to remember about the Showstopper is that its Accuracy increases as you shoot it. This is also true for the LMG class so the Minimum Accuracy (the green bar) and Maximum Accuracy (the blue bar) will narrow the longer the weapon is fired.

Weapon Accuracy

Weapons that have the largest Maximum Accuracy stand to gain the most from using Accuracy mods.

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