Optimal Range

What is Optimal Range?

Optimal Range is the distance within which your gun will deal its maximum possible damage. When you are shooting at targets outside of your weapons Optimal Range, it will suffer from reduced damage output.

The Optimal Range Chart

The distance to the back of the Firing Range has been placed into the chart as a point of reference (vertical red line).

The green bar represents the weapons Optimal Range. If you are within this range, you are always dealing your weapons maximum possible damage.

The yellow bar represents the range where your damage will be reduced, it’s an area outside of Optimal Range but still within Max Range. The amount that your damage is reduces is based on your distance from the target. If your target is beyond the extent of the yellow bar, you will be dealing the percentage of damage that is listed directly to the right of the yellow bar. At the end of the green bar you are dealing 100% of your weapons damage and as you progress to the end of the yellow bar the damage decreases linearly to the percentage value listed to the right of the bar.

Weapon Optimal range

Some comments about the chart

You want to choose a weapon with the largest Optimal Range (green bar) possible, however a large yellow bar can be an acceptable compromise. For example, in the Pistol weapon class the X-45 does not have the longest Optimal Range but it has an unusually long Max Range. At 40 yards the Police 686 Magnum will be dealing approximately 45% of its maximum damage whereas the X-45 will still be dealing upwards of 93% of its maximum damage.

Shotguns suffer from an extremely short yellow bar, which means they have extreme damage falloff whereas Assault Rifles and LMGs have such a long yellow bar that they will continue to deal reasonable damage at ranges far beyond what is optimal.

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