Weapon DPS vs Range

We have already discussed weapon DPS rankings on in our Burst vs Sustained DPS Guide and we have also explored Optimal Range. Now we are going to combine these two concepts into a unified DPS vs Range Chart to see exactly how your weapons are performing at every engagement distance rather than only within Optimal Range.


The MP7 starts strong and maintains the best DPS for the longest optimal range but once it is outside of that range it begins to falloff sharply and the MP5 overtakes it at 23 meters. SMGs do have great recoil but their accuracy at this range would be unsatisfactory, for this reason the default Optimal Range analysis is valid and the MP7 remains king.

SMG Damage Fall Off


As discussed in other articles, we are using Burst DPS for Shotguns but Sustained DPS may be more relevant for the Double Barrel since it only has 2 shells which is not enough to kill most enemies. If you are forced to reload the Double Barrel, then its DPS will be significantly lower than shown in the chart since this chart uses Burst DPs rather than Sustained DPS. Considering that, we will skip the double barrel and jump straight to the SASG-12 which has excellent DPS and Optimal Range however the Showstopper will deal more DPS beyond 14 meters (and it will be more accurate at this range due to the Showstopper talent that increases accuracy as you expend ammo).

Shotgun Damage Fall Off


The 586 Magnum takes a clear lead within its Optimal Range but its severe damage falloff causes it to lose to the X-45 at 22 meters. Anyone tanking with a Ballistic Shield will want to consider how effective the X-45 remains at very long ranges compared to other Pistols. You should also consider how Semi-Automatic Weapon DPS works if you are not able to fire your weapons at their listed RPM.

Pistol Damage Fall Off

Marksman Rifle

It’s a tight race between the M1A and the SCAR-H and this is a battle that should be determined from other parameters such as Recoil and Accuracy. The M44 and the SRS appear significantly behind the curve. You should also consider how Semi-Automatic Weapon DPS works when choosing your weapon.

Marksman Rifle Damage Fall Off


The entire LMG class seems well balanced with the exception of the M60 which suffers from sharp DPS dropoff as distance increases. Since many LMG users enjoy using their laser beams at long range this may be enough to encourage a shift to an L86 or and RPK.

LMG Damage Fall Off

Assault Rifle

The semi-auto behavior of the SA-58 will cause it to suffer DPS losses which means that the M4 will end up outperforming it on DPS and both close and long ranges.

Assault Rifle Damage Fall Off

Comparison of All Weapon Types

This chart illustrates the damage falloff of various weapon types relative to one another.

Comparison of Damage Fall Off

How Optimal Range mods affect the DPS falloff curve

The Optimal Range of the PP-19 is extended by 26.5% when modded with +26.5% Optimal Range. This makes sense and it is what we would expect. However, the damage falloff slope becomes steeper which means that modding for Optimal Range is most effective when you use the weapon at or near Optimal Range. In the case of the PP-19 in this example, modding your weapon with 26.5% Optimal Range has increased its DPS by around 9% when used at 20 meters.

Attachment/Mods Damage Fall Off

When to mod for Optimal Range

Short Range weapons stand to gain the most out of Optimal Range mods and most notably, weapons that have a sharp damage falloff slope. The reasoning for this is because a sharper damage falloff slope will reduce your DPS very quickly so modding for optimal range will push this falloff point farther away. A very shallow damage falloff slope means that an Optimal Range mod would not be boosting your DPS by a large amount.

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