There are two ways to analyze DPS in The Division
  • Sustained DPS: This calculation includes reload speed. It is relevant if you are able to shoot your target, reload, and continue shooting your target without stopping or taking cover.
  • Burst DPS: This calculation does not include reload speed. It is relevant if you must frequently take cover before you reach the end of your magazine, or if you choose to take cover each time you reload.

Most players will find that Burst DPS is the more relevant calculation, but there are exceptions. A “tank” player who wants to find the best pistol may prefer to use the Sustained DPS calculation since they will be out of cover often using the Ballistic Shield.

Shotgun users may also want to consider Sustained DPS since they often take aggressive positions that leave them vulnerable while reloading.

Weapon DPS Rankings

Marksman Rifles

Don’t be misled by the Historian. It comes fixed with 3 Weapon Talents that are not DPS oriented. If you get an M1A/Scar-H with DPS talents it will likely deal more damage than the Historian. The M1A barely deals more Burst DPS than the Scar-H weapon class but the Scar-H is a big improvement on Sustained DPS which means that the Scar- H should be considered the better weapon.

Bolt-Action Rifles are still lagging behind the pack.

Assault Rifles

It is surprising to see the SA-58 at the top of the results since it has long been considered an inferior weapon. Unfortunately, after in-game testing i found that the recoil management is very difficult and the weapon operates closer to a semi-automatic weapon which causes inefficiency due to lost time between shots. (For more information see our Semi-Automatic Weapon Guide)

This leaves the LVOA-C (M4 class) as the top contender.  


The MP-5 A4 is a decent percentage above the other weapons in Burst and Sustained DPS. However, as mentioned before it also operates more like a semi-automatic weapon which causes DPS losses.(For more information see our Semi-Automatic Weapon Guide)

The SMG class is generally low in DPS but it also has notably low stability/recoil which means you may be able to focus your attachments more on damage (Headshot Damage/Critical Chance/Critical Damage).


The Pakhan is the leader in both Burst and Sustain. When you consider the Weapon Talents (and reroll Swift) it will be the top tier PVE LMG.



The most notable outlier in the Shotgun class is the Double Barrel. The high Burst DPS is greatly contrasted by the extremely low Sustained DPS. Since the weapon requires close range to use effectively you will likely be out of cover and at point-blank distance from your target. It is unlikely that two shells will be able to kill your target which means that, unfortunately, the Sustained DPS calculation is more relevant than the Burst DPS since you will be forced to reload. The SASG-12 has the highest Burst and Sustained DPS.


The 586 Magnum group does the most Burst DPS but it comes at the cost of Sustained DPS. If you are seeking a tanking pistol you may prefer the X-45 which still has good burst but better sustain than the Magnum.

Some comments about the calculations

The DPS values of the weapons depend upon your player attributes (firearms/crit chance/crit damage/etc.) and I have used player stats that attempt to represent the majority of players. These stats are as follows:

  • Firearms: 4000
  • Critical Hit Damage: 50%
  • Critical Hit Chance: 10%
  • Headshot Damage: 0%
  • Probability of landing a headshot: 50%

This Calculation DOES include.
  • Assault Rifle - Armor Damage
  • LMG - Out of Cover
  • SMG - Critical Hit Damage
  • Extended Mag on all weapons capable of using the attachment.

This Calculation DOES NOT include
  • DPS from Weapon Talents
  • The Effects of Pulse

Each weapon type is benefitting from its respective bonus (LMG +20% damage, AR +24% damage, SMG +39% Critical Hit Damage). This allows for comparison between weapons based on their best case scenario.

Some things to consider:
  • Semi-automatic weapons cannot be fired at their listed RPM because the player is unable to pull the trigger fast enough. For more information see our Semi-Automatic Weapon Guide.
  • This analysis does not include the effects of stability or accuracy. (analysis adressing this comming soon)

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