The purpose of this guide is to explain how firearms improves your DPS and why “stacking firearms” has “diminishing returns”.

The Misleading Firearms Chart

The chart below shows you that Firearms increases your DPS at a linear rate. Some people may look at this chart and think that firearms does not have diminishing returns because your DPS continues to improve linearly – however this is not the correct way to interpret this chart.

Firearms Scaling G36

Some key figures on the chart have been highlighted for discussion in the next section.

Analyzing the Firearms VS DPS chart

When looking at the difference between 1000 Firearms and 2000 Firearms you can see that the difference between 187k and 225K is a difference of +38K. So by adding 1000 Firearms you have increased your DPS by 38k – however you must also recognize the percentage increase which is 20.3%.

When looking at the difference between 4000 Firearms and 5000 Firearms you can see that the DPS increased by the same flat amount, +38k. The percentage difference is not the same this time and you have only increased your DPS by 12.7%.

This reduced percentage increase is what is referred to as “diminished returns” when stacking Firearms.

Firearms Scaling in The Division

Diminishing Returns

As you continue to stack Firearms you will notice that each point you add is less effective than the last point. This adds up over time so that at around 4500 Firearms each additional point is worth about half as much as they were worth at 500 Firearms.

Diminishing returns of Firearms Stat in The Division

This rapid devaluation of Firearms is one of the reasons that many players prefer to stay between 2000-3000 Firearms and only use it for activating weapon talents – which are a significant DPS boost.

Instead of stacking Firearms you can stack Skill Power to increase your damage more effectively (through Pulse and Smart Cover damage bonuses which also apply to your entire team). Skill Power is very strong since it simultaneously increases the effectiveness of both of your abilities while also reducing their cooldown. Many often forget that it also reduces the cooldown of your Signature Skill – which should not be understated. Skill Power does have its own type of diminishing returns through “soft caps” and “hard caps” but these are fairly difficult to reach without using Tactician’s Authority.

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