The purpose of this guide is to explain the relationship between Critical Chance and Critical Damage so you can gear your character more optimally.


Use the calculator below to see how Critical Chance and Critical Damage compare for your current build. The results will allow you to compare items.


You have a Muzzle with +8% Critical Chance and you want to compare it to a muzzle with +38% Critical Damage.

Step 1: Input 20% Critical Chance and 200% Critical Damage (use your character stats)

Step 2: Results will show that 8% Critical Chance is equivalent to 80% Critical Damage

Conclusion: This means that the Muzzle with +8% Critical Chance will increase your DPS the most since the +38% Critical Damage Muzzle would need an additional 42% Critical Damage to be equivalent.

Critical Chance   
Critical Damage 

How Critical Chance and Critical Damage modify your DPS (easy math)

(Base DPS) + [(Base DPS) x (Critical Chance) x (Critical Damage)]

We will call [(Base 1DPS)*(Critical Chance) x (Critical Damage)] your “Extra DPS from critical hits”.

Sample calculation:
  • 100k DPS
  • 10% Critical Chance
  • 100% Critical Damage
  • (100k) x (0.1) x (1.0)
  • Extra DPS from critical hits = 10k

The 10:1 ratio

Optimal DPS occurs when you add +10% Critical Damage for every +1% Critical Chance.

The chart below can help you see an example of the 10:1 ratio in action. On the left side of the chart you see that DPS is at a minimum when you have 0% Critical Chance and 600% Critical Damage – even though the Critical Damage is high there is no chance of a critical hit happening. Similarly, on the right side you can see that DPS is also at a minimum when you have 60% Critical Chance and 0% Critical Damage – because a critical hit holds no value when it occurs (even if it occurs frequently).

The maximum DPS occurs when Critical Damage is exactly 10 times greater than Critical Chance - at 300% Critical Damage and 30% Critical Chance.

Critical Damage Vs Critical Chance

*NOTE: This chart is not telling you to gear specifically for 30% Critical Damage and 300% Critical Chance! It is only telling you that 300% Critical Damage is optimal if you happen to have 30% Critical Chance. If you have 50% Critical Chance - 500% Critical Damage would be optimal. This chart is only showing you that DPS efficiency improves as you move closer to the 10:1 ratio.

When the player had exactly 10 times more Critical Damage than Critical Chance the extra DPS from critical hits was at its maximum. When the Ratio dropped to 9:1 or increased to 11:1 the DPS decreased.

The ideal ratio - 10:1

The table below shows you that adding +1% Critical Chance is equivalent to adding +10% Critical Damage. They both increase your DPS by 2k – but this equivalence only holds true when your overall character stats are balanced at the 10:1 ratio – meaning that you have 10 times more Critical Damage than Critical Chance.

When your stats are properly balanced 200% Crit DMG, 20% Crit Chance = 10:1 ratio.

DPS Critical Chance Critical Damage Extra DPS
Base 100k 20% 200% 40k
+1% Crit Chance 100k 21% 200% 42k
+10% Crit Damage 100k 20% 210% 42k
1% Critical Chance = 10% Critical Damage

In a perfect world you want to have 10% Critical Damage for every 1% Critical Chance. You will quickly see from the table below that it is not possible to achieve these numbers in-game because Critical Damage is much harder to come by than Critical Chance. For example, a max rank Pulse gives you +40% Critical Chance but only +100% Critical Damage. To be more optimal for your DPS, Pulse would need to give you +400% Critical Damage instead of +100% to meet the 10:1 ratio.

A character setup closer to reality may have you around +40% Critical Chance and +200% Critical Damage. This would put you at a 5:1 ratio in terms of Crit DMG/Crit Chance.

DPS Critical Chance Critical Damage Extra DPS
Base 100k 40% 200% 80k
+1% Crit Chance 100k 41% 200% 82k
+5% Crit Damage 100k 40% 205% 82k
1% Critical Chance = 5% Critical Damage

In this more realistic character setup, you only need 5% Critical Damage rather than 10% Critical Damage for the same DPS increase. This means that Critical Damage has become twice as effective (as it was previously) at increasing your DPS.

The 10:1 Optimal Ratio Table

The table below is a simple illustration of how much Critical Damage you would need depending upon your Critical Chance in order to be “optimal”.

Critical Chance Critical Damage
10% 100%
20% 200%
30% 300%
40% 400%
50% 500%
60% 600%
Remember that Critical Chance caps at 60%

For simplicity we will say that the average player has around +15% Critical Chance on their character sheet which is then added to +40% Critical Chance from Pulse to achieve a total of +55% Critical Chance. This would mean that the player would need 550% Critical Damage to be optimal – but in reality this player likely has a little more than +100% Critical Damage on their character sheet with an addition +100% coming from Pulse which will lead to a total of +200% Critical Damage. This means that the player is +350% Critical Damage short of being “optimal”.

Critical Damage Is Better Than Critical Chance

The short supply of Critical Damage actually makes it much more valuable than Critical Chance in boosting your DPS. This leads to two very important questions:

  • How much better is it?
  • When do I choose Critical Chance over Critical Damage?

To answer these questions, we will use a sample character to do some simple calculations. We will compare the benefits of adding 5% Critical Chance to the benefit of adding 50% Critical Damage. If our sample character was maintaining the 10:1 ratio then these should each add the same amount of damage but since the character is out of balance and does not have enough Critical Damage to back up their Critical Chance, this leads to a disproportionate DPS increase from each stat.

How can this be applied in-game?

We have previously determined that players will benefit more from Critical Damage since they are severely lacking it – however there are still situations when Critical Chance will increase your DPS more because they give you so much of it for free. Here is a table with the most reliable sources of Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

Critical Chance Critical Damage
Vicious 14% Gloves 39%
Savage 13% Muzzle 38%
Fierce 9% Magazine 38%
Muzzle 8% Striker(5) 30%
Optic 8% Deadly 28%
Magazine 8% Backpack 21%
Gloves 6.5% Knee Pads 21%
Mask 5.5% Striker(3) 20%
Gear Mod 1.5%

Remember that 60% is the Critical Chance cap and if you are using Savage Gloves then you have +13% from the talent +6.5% from the stat that rolls on the gloves which adds up to 19.5% Critical Chance – add to this the 40% coming from pulse and you are already at 59.5% Critical Chance. This means that you should avoid all other sources of Critical Chance. Since the 60% Critical Chance cap is very easy to reach this means that Savage gloves are no longer a “required” part of you build and you can choose a 2-set bonus instead. This also means that you should try to get the Deadly weapon talent and you should focus on Critical Damage on your Muzzle/Magazine instead of Critical Chance.

If you don’t get perfect glove rolls and you have to choose between Critical Chance and Critical Damage which one should you choose?

In the example below you will find that +6.5% Critical Chance adds 13k DPS while +39% Critical Damage adds 20k DPS. This is becasue the sample character used for the calculation is in need of Critical Damage because their stats are unbalanced (outside of a 10:1 ratio) similar to how an average player might be unbalanced.

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