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General Tips

  • When building a team focus on Gear Sets rather than Gear Score
    • A low gear score Reclaimer/ Tactician's Authority/ Sentry's Call is still very strong
  • Keep a close eye on your objective so you know whether you can skip killing some enemies. If your objective says “investigate the area” you can keep following the nav point.
  • Use Triage heals on your Reclaimer player to reset their consumable cooldown
  • Swapping weapons with Lone Star bypasses the Waste Not Want Not directive
  • Every trap can be disabled, but running through them takes about the same time.

How to disable Fire Traps:

Shoot the water tank on ceiling or fire extinguisher nearby.

How to disable Electric Traps:

Shoot the box nearby (follow the wires) or use the Switch on the wall.

Destroy the Alarms – they will cause additional enemy spawns.

How to counter directives

Directive How to Counter Level of Difficulty
Fog of War Pulse Easiest
Waste Not Want Not Support Station (Ammo Cache) |
Special Forces Support Station (Immunizer) |
Sickness First Aid + Support Station |
Mad Skills Triage + Coolheaded Hardest

Rewards from using Multiple Directives (if used from easiest to hardest)

Number of Directives XP Bonus XP Bonus (cumulative) Reward
1 +10% 10% High-End Gear
2 +20% 30% Weapon
3 +14% 44% Gear Set
4 +26% 70% Gear Set + Weapon
5 +30% 100% 2x Gear Set + Weapon

Loot Drops for each difficulty level

Difficulty Gear Set (Item Level) High-End (Item Level)
Normal 191 163
Hard 214 182
Challenging 240 204
Heroic 268 229

Check your groups settings before boarding the train

Or after you are in the Operation

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