Tips for Killing Hunters in Survival

Many players are unprepared for the difficulty of Hunters in Survival. Ubisoft has reported the Successful Extraction numbers at 14%/12% for PvE/PvP which is quite low and shows that many players are still having a hard time. I expect that Hunters are the primary cause of death for most players and a recent death heatmap by Ubisoft showed that the largest concentration of deaths occurred near the DZ-02 extraction point (where the hunters spawn). This guide is designed to help you understand how Hunters work and the best methods for defeating them. For more general information regarding survival, see our Survival Guide.

Survival Death map

Source: December 1st State of the Game

Hunter Abilities

Hunters in Survival mode are notoriously the most difficult AI enemies in the game. They have a variety of abilities at their disposal for both defensive and offensive purposes. Here are some of the things they can do:

  • Deploy Turret (they prefer to throw these behind you to flank you)
  • Use Support Station
  • Use First Aid
  • Use Medkits
  • Use EMP Pulse (makes you unable to use skills)
  • Use Seeker Mine
  • Shoot Sticky Bomb
  • Throw Grenades (random type)

Offensive maneuvers
  • Flank
  • Blindfire
  • Change weapons based on your distance (long range/short range)
  • Advance on your position if they are unable to hit you
  • Execute you with a melee attack (this will permanently kill you)

Defensive maneuvers
  • Combat Roll – they are difficult to shoot while they are rolling
  • Dodge your sticky bomb (with combat roll)
  • Avoid being flanked (they will reposition)
  • Retreat while shooting

These abilities make for a lethal combination, but with good preparation and strategy you can Survive and Extract 100% of the time.

10 Tips for Defeating Hunters

1. Gear up - Hunters deal a surprising amount of damage and you really need to mitigate this damage to improve your chances of survival. Focus on Stamina and Armor on every gear slot. It is certainly possible to extract at lower gear scores but I recommend getting to at around 130 GS before attempting to extract. Craft items to replace low GS items – you really want to focus on getting rid of electronics.

Survival Gear

2. Use the best weapons – Burst DPS is the key to defeating Hunters, they have lightning fast reflexes and incredibly low cooldowns on their healing abilities (as well as multiple to choose from). Craft a high-end 163 GS MMR such as the M44 since it can 2 shot hunters (headshots) before they can use their healing skills. Avoid weapons that put you in close range (because close range = execution range) so avoid Shotguns, and SMGs.

Survival m44

3. Distance is your friend – The flanking behavior of hunters can be absolutely devastating. After calling in an extraction you want to leave the area immediately and get far away from the landing zone (this is another reason MMRs are important weapons). Hunters are forced to stay near the LZ area so they will not follow you and they will not be able to flank you. If you are downed, the extra distance will also give you a chance to revive before they can execute you.

Survival range

4. Craft a scope – The crafted M44 doesn’t come with a scope and since you will be shooting from a distance it will really help you land those headshots since you have more precise control over your aim when zoomed.

Survival scope

5. Height is also your friend – Some of the extraction zones will have places where you can get a height advantage on the Hunters. This means that when they try to use the walls for cover you will still be able to see/shoot the top of their heads more easily. DZ-02 has a rooftop next to Kalkesse and DZ-03 has the second floor adjacent to the extraction zone.

Survival height

6. Choose the best skills – My personal preference is Support Station and Ballistic Shield. Support Station will provide you with a lot of healing over a long period of time (and you can self-revive) and Ballistic shield will get you out of an otherwise lethal situation (if the hunter is able to flank you). The Turret is also strong but it doesn’t give you the same level of safety as the Ballistic Shield and Hunters can hack it and turn it against you.

Survival Skills

7. Craft extra medkits – Accidents happen, it’s inevitable, be prepared for them. If you happen to survive without using the medkits then you will get bonus points for having them in your inventory but the raw materials (fabric, etc.) are worth nothing by themselves. If you have extra tools and weapon parts you can also craft a few weapon attachments.

Survival Medkits

8. Play with a team – There is always safety in numbers and speedy revives that don’t cost a medkit are a huge advantage. Just 2 players with an M44 makes killing Hunters incredibly easy, just pick a target and coordinate simultaneous headshots for an instant kill.

Survival team play

9. Choose the best extraction zone – The DZ-02 extraction parking garage has a rooftop across the street that will allow you to gain a height advantage and a range advantage (accessible by rope -be fast or go around the block to the rope on the opposite side to avoid being shot off the rope). It doesn’t have “cover” but you can peek over the edge to land shots from a relatively safe position, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. They can land grenades up here but their turrets won’t reach. DZ-03 has a similar setup but the positioning is less ideal. DZ-05 is terrible, certain streets have very poor cover (stay on the street closest to DZ-03 if you must extract here).

Survival extraction

10. Be Patient and Scavenge – We all want to extract as soon as possible but a speedy high-risk extraction when you are unprepared may be something you come to regret. Instead, take advantage of other players who die while trying to extract and grab their loot/supplies. This can allow you to craft some serious upgrades to ensure your survival. Spending more time alive and reaching a higher gear score will also boost your Survival Score which can help you reach Master Rank.

Map of Rooftop Sniping Location in DZ-02

Survival Hunter fighting location

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