Last Stand Guide

Update 1.6 in The Division has brought the new dedicated PvP mode. You will need the 1.6 Paid DLC (or the Season Pass) to play.

Entrance Location

Go to the Terminal in the Base of Operations (down the stairs), it will be in the back to the right of the Recalibration Station.

Key Features
  • 8v8 objective
  • Matchmaking (based on your recent performance and gear)
  • Game duration 12-15 minutes (average), 20 minutes (max)
  • Max party size: 4 (to prevent large premade groups)
  • PvE enemies and Landmarks also exist in this game mode
  • Stat normalization for a more level playing field
  • PvP specific tuning for certain abilities/gear sets

The Objective
Rogue agents are attempting to download data from SHD stations in the Dark Zone. Your job is to secure the data before they can.
  • Capture all 3 points of a Tactical Location to start transferring data.
  • Transfer 100% of the data to win the game

Scoring Points (how to win the game)

The score needed to win Last Stand is 15,000 points and these points can only be earned by holding Tactical Locations. You earn 10 points for each second you hold a tactical location.


After 7 minutes of gameplay, fortifications will unlock. There are two kinds of Fortifications. You can activate them using SHD Tech that can be found on enemies that you have killed and in crates in the Dark Zone. It costs 250 credits to capture any fortification. Enemies drop 50 SHD tech when killed and named enemies drop 250 SHD tech.

Fortification Type Credits to Activate Type Description
Capture Turret Fortification 250 One Time Attacks all enemy factions on site
Capture Scanner Fortification 250 One Time Marks nearby enemy targets

Destroying Fortifications

Fortifications can be destroyed but they have 30-35k health, 100% bleed resistance and the turret has 50% Burn Damage Resistance.

Tactical Boosts (Support Locations)

There are also two kinds of Tactical Boosts. These can be activated using SHD tech as well. After activating a boost it will remain active (locked in) for 2 minutes.

Support Locations Credits to Activate Lock Time Effect
Victory Point Multiplier 2000 240 seconds 0.6
Kills Award Points 2000 240 seconds

Landmarks and Roamers
Roamers will respawn 20 seconds after you kill them.

Crates can have 25, 50, or even up to 250 SHD tech for the crates that normally required Dark Zone keys to unlock. SHD Tech that drops is able to be picked up by everyone.

On respawn you will earn 1 Grenade, 2 medkits, and 1 other consumable.

Buddy Spawn
After 12 minutes into the game, buddy spawn will become available which will allow you to respawn directly at a squad members location.

Reward Brackets
Based on your performance in the game you will be placed into a reward bracket.

Reward Ranks Score Reward
Tier 1 3000 1 x Last Stand Cache
Tier 2 6000 1 x Last Stand Cache
1 x Weapons Cache
Tier 3 15000 1 x Last Stand Cache
1 x Weapons Cache
1 x Gear Cache

How Player Scoring Works (Marks)

You can earn points towards your score by earning Marks - these may be known in other games as medals, accolades, awards, etc. These Marks have different score values assigned to them so its important to focus on high point value activities if you want a chance to get Tier 3 rewards.

TIP: SHD Tech is shared among the entire team but the points rewarded for spending it are only applied to the person who spent them.

last Stand Score Breakdown

If killing players isn’t your strong suit you can earn score by capturing Tactical Locations, purchasing boosts, healing your allies, reviving teammates, assisting allies, and killing NPCs.

Last Stand Score Board

These are some sample score you can expect, not everyone will get Tier 3 rewards every game (15,000+ points) but it is certainly achievable.

Player Score Breakdown by Category

Score Earned by Killing Players
Score Mark Details
500 Player Kill Kill a player
500 First Blood Get the first kill of the match
500 K/D Champ finish the game with a Kill/Death ratio better than ?
250 Finisher Finish off a downed player
250 Tech Kill kill an enemy using a skill
100 Streak kill 3 players without dying
100 Revenge kill the player who killed you last
100 Comeback get a kill after dying at least 3 times without a kill
100 Headshot get a headshot kill
100 Defend Kill get a kill while defending
100 After Death get a kill after you are dead
100 Explosive get a kill with an explosion
100 Low Health Melee melee kill an enemy below 35% health
100 Outside of Range kill an enemy outside of your weapons optimal range
100 Riot Shield Melee melee an enemy with the riot shield
100 Near Death kill an enemy while you are below 35% health
100 From Cover kill an enemy while you are taking cover

Score earned from Objective Actions
Score Mark Details
500 Victory Win a Last Stand Match
500 Match Complete Complete a Last Stand match
500 Capture Capture a Tactical Location
500 Tactical Boost Purchase Purchase a Tactical Boost
500 Total Domination Capture all three Tactical Locations at the same time
250 Fortification Purchase Purchase a Fortification
250 Have Mercy Win the match by forcing the enemy team to surrender
100 Hoarder Collect 250 currency
100 Deposit Deposit 500 currency

Score earned from Supportive Actions
Score Mark Details
250 Destroy Tech Destroy an enemy skill
250 Revive Revive a teammate
250 Fortification Destroyed Destroy an enemy Fortification
100 Savior Kill an enemy who is about to kill your ally
100 Heal Heal an ally for at least 33% of their health
100 Defending Defend an area for 10 seconds
100 Assist Assist your teammate with a kill

Score earned from killing NPCs
Score Mark Details
500 Named Kill Kill a Named NPC
250 Elite Kill Kill an Elite NPC
150 Veteran Kill Kill a Veteran NPC
100 Kill Kill a Normal NPC

Score earned from ?
Score Mark Details
500 Scavenger Most Crates Looted
400 Conquistador Most Captures
400 Field Medic Most Healing Done

Score earned from active Boosts and Fortifications
Score Mark Details
250 Tactical Assist Be nearby when an ally captures a tactical location.
250 Tactical Boost Assist Be nearby when an ally activates a tactical boost.
100 Fortification Assist Be nearby when an ally activates a fortification.
100 Tactical Boost Denier Prevent an enemy from activating a tactical boost.
100 Fortification Denier Prevent an enemy from activating a fortification.
100 Point for Kills Kill Kill an enemy while the Points for Kills boost is active
100 Bonus Point Capture Capture a point with bonus points active.
100 Tactical Insertion Have an ally spawn on your location.
50 Point Denier Prevent an enemy from capturing a point.
50 Bonus Point Denier Prevent an enemy from capturing a point with bonus points active.

The Mercy Rule

The Mercy rule in this game mode is in place so that the game can be forced to end early if one team is winning by a large margin. The Mercy Rule is not active until 10 minutes into the game. If you are losing by a 7500 point deficit or more then the game will automatically end.

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