The same strategy applies to Hard and Challenge difficulty but there is much less room for error in challenge difficulty since everything deals much more damage.

Recommended Abilities:

  • Pulse (Tactical Scanner)
  • Smart Cover (Recharger)
  • First Aid (Overdose)
  • Seeker Mine (Gas Charge)
  • Support Station (Immunizer)
  • Turret (Dragonbreath)

Recommended Gear Sets:

4 Sets

  • Tactician's Authority
    • Very important for reaching the skill power caps for Smart Cover (53k skill power) and Pulse (58k skill power).
  • Sentry's Call
    • Enemies have a lot of health, especially bosses, this can speed up the run
  • Reclaimer
    • Use Water or Incendiary Bullets when engineers spawn to make these waves easier

2 Sets

  • Final Measure
    • +50% Exotic Damage Resilience
    • There are many sources of fire damage: RC cars, infantry flame throwers, boss flame throwers, fire on the floor, gas clouds
  • Lone Star
    • +100% Ammo Capacity
    • Did I mention that bosses have a lot of health? A decent option if you don’t have Final Measure.
  • Striker's Battlegear
    • +10% Enemy Armor Damage
    • Most of an enemy’s health pool is in its armor, this is almost a flat 10% damage boost.

*Note: You can also recalibrate an attribute on your mask, body armor, or kneepads to Exotic Damage Resilience. Adequate Exotic Damage Resilience will prevent you from being one-shot by the many sources of Exotic Damage in this Incursion.

Recommended Weapons:

Most of the fighting will take place at long range.
  • Marksman Rifles (SVD, M1A)
    • Well suited for long range
  • Assault Rifles (G36, LVOA, AK-47/74)
    • The 20% enemy armor damage makes these outperform SMGs
    • Well suited for long range
  • LMGs and SMGs will not perform as well, but they will still work

Objective 1: Secure the Area

Kill Priority: Rushers, Flamethrowers, Engineers

If you set up on the garbage truck and use Smart Cover (Recharger), the rushers will reach you first followed by the Flamethrowers. Make sure to shoot their tanks to stagger them so they don’t reach you.

The engineers will use multiple explosive RC cars, be prepared to shoot them at range (watch for the casting icon above their head). If you do this properly at long range on the garbage truck you won’t see any RC cars until after the Rushers and Flamethrowers are dead. A second wave of enemies will spawn with new rushers and flamethrowers so stay back on the garbage truck.

Objective 2: Reach the Roof

Follow the nav points up the stairwell.

Objective 3: Secure the Parking Lot

Kill Priority: Engineers, Rushers, Flamethrowers

Wave 1 – already spawned when you get there

Once you reach the rooftop, make your way to the ledge that overlooks the enemies (see arrow). Place Smart Cover (Recharger) on this wall and start the fight with crowd control (shoot the red barrel, Sticky Bomb (Flashbang), Seeker Mine (Gas Charge), etc). Take out the engineers first, otherwise they will hide and launch wave after wave of explosive RC cars. It’s a good idea to "mark" them before combat so you can find them easier if they try to hide from you.

This is a good starting position because the Rushers are forced to run around the sides or climb up the boxes in front of you which gives you more time to kill the Engineers and start putting damage on the Rushers before they reach you. Half-way through killing this group another group will spawn with snipers, rushers, and flamethrowers.

Wave 2

Another wave of Engineers, Rushers and Flamethrowers will spawn. This is a good spot to prepare for this spawn of enemies. You can see two spawn doors from this location which allows you to focus fire the enemies as they walk out. If enemies aren’t already walking up the ramp on your left, then you should head in that direction because there will likely be an engineer down there attempting to create an RC car. After killing the enemies out of these three doors there should be at least one additional engineer at the opposite side of the map. This wave of enemies is a good time to use consumables and Survivor Link (Signature Skill). Remember this location, you should use it again immediately after killing the bosses for the wave of adds that will spawn.

After killing this wave you should quickly group together on the far side with the raised platform to prepare for the bosses to spawn. All 4 bosses spawn at the same time but you want to be in this position to shoot over the railing at the boss that spawns below. This allows you to get some free damage from a relatively safe position. Be aware of the grenades and gas clouds that the other bosses throw and do not stay here for long after the bosses spawn. A secondary purpose of being in this position is to get all of the bosses (which spawn in each corner of the map) to work their way towards you so they group up and are easier to kite around the map. When the boss spawns below this ledge make sure to use crowd control to slow his ascent up the stairs.

[0/4] Eliminate the Collective (Boss)

  • Death
    • Shock Mines – Red circles on the ground that will shock you.
  • Pestilence
    • Gas Grenades – The gas clouds can be hard to see but they are hazy and they deal massive damage.
  • War
    • Flashbangs – Non-lethal.
  • Famine
    • Incendiary Grenades- Sets fire to a large area for a period of time.

All four collective bosses will spawn and slowly walk towards your team. Two of the bosses have flamethrowers and two of the bosses have LMGs. If you kill a boss it will spawn a wave of enemies (Engineers, Rushers, Flamethrowers) which will be very hard to manage while there are 3 remaining bosses alive. However, if you kill all 4 bosses at the same time it will only spawn one wave of enemies (which is much easier to deal with since all of the bosses are dead). The most difficult part of this phase is moving as a team to kite the bosses and making sure that nobody accidentally kills a boss by hitting a weak spot when the boss is low on health. The bosses may not stay grouped up well and a stray boss may end up flanking you. If it’s an LMG boss, you can usually tank the damage and run past with the Smart Cover (Recharger) buff and an overheal from First Aid (Overdose). If it’s a flamethrower boss, then go ahead and use a Survivor Link (Signature Skill) to safely run past.

Move as a team around the perimeter to kite the bosses. The two bosses with flamethrowers have incredibly long range so stay back farther than you would normally. If you are close enough to hit weak spots, then you are probably too close. Try to stay on Smart Cover (Recharger) as much as possible and grab the Smart Cover (Recharger) buff before you make a run for the next location. You should use your First Aid (Overdose) if you anticipate the possibility of being hit with the flamethrower rather than in response to being damaged by it. The majority of deaths in this phase will be flamethrower deaths. If deaths occur the remaining team members should kite the bosses to the opposite side of the map and then circle back around to revive. (see map below for good movement paths and smart cover locations)

Each time you cross the map you should quickly turn around to make progress on removing each bosses shield (white squares only). After their shields are gone then work on their health bars (yellow rectangles) until they each have half of their health bars remaining. It is very important that everyone is on the same page here because impatience or excitement can cause a wipe. Cross the map one final time so that the bosses are far away and you have room to set up for killing all of them simultaneously. Your abilities should be off cooldown in preparation for the next wave of adds that will spawn once the bosses die. Communicate with your team (a countdown 3..2..1.. is recommended) and quickly kill all of the bosses at the same time (starting with the highest health boss – this should be announced in voice chat including the specific boss name).

This will spawn a single wave of enemies (Engineers, Rushers, Flamethrowers) that you need to kill. Start with Engineers and prevent them from casting RC cars. Use Survivor Link (Signature Skill) as needed to make aggressive plays as a team to hunt down the Engineers. If possible you should start in the spot mentioned previously for killing spawning enemies or group up along the upper platform as a backup. Don’t forget to use Consumables.

Secure the Area

After eliminating the collective, you will head into a building and down an escalator where you will find a group of enemies containing Snipers, Engineers, and Flamethrowers. Locations for Smart Cover (Recharger) are difficult to find in this area so they have been marked below. Rushing these enemies may be difficult because of the Engineers using RC cars but it can help if you use Survivor Link (Signature Skill).

After killing the enemies which are already there upon arrival, another wave of enemies will spawn from the door. You may want to back up to a more secure location since this new wave of enemies has a large Flamethrower enemy. More engineers will spawn RC cars which you will likely need to shoot since the engineers will be in a location where you cannot easily prevent their RC car creation.

Objective 4: Extinguish the Fire…Truck (Boss)

To defeat this section, you will need to activate sets of crane switches at the same time (one on each side of the room). When you activate the switches the water tank will move along the ceiling towards the "fire engine" – which literally shoots fire instead of water if you get too close. There are 8 crane switch locations in the room and two will become active at a time. If you fail to hit the switches at the same time, then you will have to repeat this step because the water tank will not move. After you activate the fourth set of switches, the water tank will fall from the ceiling and crush the "fire engine".

The switch pairs will move you closer to the boss each time, but you do not want to remain in such a forward position because enemies will flank you by running along the cat walks on each side and shooting you in the back. The designated switch flippers should do a countdown in voice chat and quickly run back to the rear of the room. It is appropriate to use Survivor Link (Signature Skill) as needed to prevent deaths during the switch flipping.

Boss Abilities

  • Napalm Mortar
    • The fire cannon will launch a napalm mortar at a location which will cause large square sections of the floor to appear highlighted in red and then turn into fire. Just move out of these areas as they appear red. There are certain phases where this fire is unavoidable but can be mitigated fairly easily with Smart Cover (Recharger) and Support Station (Immunizer) which will allow you to become immune to the fire debuff so that you can use your skills to heal yourself.
  • Fire Cannon
    • Instead of the fire truck having a water cannon it has a fire cannon. If you get too close to the fire truck it will activate the fire cannon and start shooting a giant flamethrower at you.

Activate the Crane Controls

If this is your objective, then you need to press the buttons. Kill enough enemies so that you can safely hit the buttons.

Survive the Assault

If this is your objective, then you just need to survive and kill all of the enemies in the wave. At the end of this phase the entire room will fill with fire. Just make sure that the Support Station (Immunizer) got down before the fire otherwise you won’t be able to place your support station since you can’t use abilities while you are on fire.

The Fight

You will start by setting up Smart Cover (Recharger) at the back of the room on these pipes (image below). Your entire team can comfortably stay in this location for the duration of the fight, except for when you need to activate switches or get ammo. Before the fire lands in your square just place down Support Station (Immunizer) and refresh the Smart Cover (Recharger) and you should have no problems. The Engineers in this fight set up turrets rather than explosive RC cars so they are not a huge threat.

When enemies spawn on each cat walk have your team focus down one side first and then the other side. There are times when there will be enemies on the cat walks and the entire room will be full of fire. You will need to heal through the damage that the cat walk enemies are dealing so it’s very important to have that Support Station (Immunizer) down so you can heal through their damage with your First Aid (Overdose). There should not be many times that you need to use your Survivor Link (Signature Skill) but enemies shooting you from the cat walk while fire is on the ground would be an acceptable use.

After you Activate the Crane Controls, you will have to Survive the Assault. This process will repeat four times with stronger enemies each time.

Release the tank

The last time you Activate the Crane Controls you will be releasing the tank to drop it onto the "fire truck". This last wave will continually respawn enemies until you activate the controls. Activating these last set of switches will place you within range of the flame cannon so make sure to use a Survivor Link (Signature Skill) as you approach this set of switches. Destroying the Fire Truck will prevent more enemies from spawning but you still need to kill the remaining enemies to complete the incursion.

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