1. Plant bombs [0/2]
  2. Activate laptop
  3. Plug in fuses [0/2]
  4. Activate laptop
  5. Kill boss
  6. Kill remaining enemies

Recommended Abilities: Pulse, Smart Cover, Flashbang, First Aid

Note: Enemies continually respawn so focus on completing objectives quickly. Once you reach Columbus Circle you will be able to refill your ammo using the ammo boxes near the middle.

Objective 1: Reach Columbus Circle


Breach the Blockade [0/2]

  • Pick up the explosives pack
  • Place the explosives on the blockade

Yellow enemies will spawn with a small yellow diamond above their head. When you kill these enemies they will drop the explosive packs which you can use to plant on the blockade.

Wave 1: kill enemies.
Wave 2: kill enemies, grab explosive pack 1
Wave 3: kill enemies, dodge artillery
Wave 4: kill enemies, dodge artillery, grab explosive pack 2

Objective 2: Deactivate the Helicopter’s Defenses

Enemies: None (if you do this quickly)

As soon as you enter Columbus Circle you can run up to the laptop to complete this objective before the enemies spawn. If enemies attack you then use survivor link to mitigate damage while you are using the laptop.

Objective 3: Plug in the fuses


Fuses [0/2]

Picking up, carrying, and placing fuses will be the your most vulnerable moments in this encounter so these are good times to use survivor link. Allow a person with high toughness to carry the fuse. When you are carrying a fuse you can activate survivor link and walk backwards and diagonal to increase your movement speed (this may be a bug). Have teammates shoot their First Aid ability on the ground in front of the fuse carrier as needed for healing. Dodge artillery.

Objective 4: Use the ADS to Deactivate the Helicopter’s Defenses


Another trip to the laptop - use survivor links as needed for safety.

Objective 5: Eliminate the Leader


This boss has a shield so positioning two players in front and two players in back of the boss ensures that at least two people on your team are always dealing good damage to the boss. Shoot the weak spot on his back.

Objective 6: Eliminate the Remaining Hostiles


After the boss dies you must kill any remaining hostile enemies to complete the mission.

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