• Soft-cap
    • 44k skillpower (22k with 4pc Tactician)
  • Hard-cap
    • 54k skillpower (27k with 4pc Tactician)
    • Generally wasteful to exceed this (unless you use pulse)
  • Pulse hard-cap
    • 58k skillpower (29k with 4pc Tactician)
    • Go for hard cap pulse if you use pulse
  • Tactician 4-set is strong
    • 25k “free” skillpower converts to a 31% damage boost per team member

How much skillpower is too much?

Skillpower has at least 2 effects on every ability:
  1. Reduces the cooldown of the ability
  2. Increases the effectiveness of the ability

Some abilities such as Smart Cover and Pulse have 3 effects:
  • Smart Cover:
    • Cooldown
    • increase damage dealt
    • reduce damage taken
  • Pulse:
    • Cooldown
    • crit chance
    • critical hit damage

Each effect has a different skillpower cap. For Pulse these skillpower caps occur at 42k (crit chance), 52k (cooldown), and 58k (crit damage). If you exceed 42k skillpower this means that additional skillpower is only beneficial for 2/3 of the ability and above 52k only 1/3.

General soft-cap = 44k skillpower (22k with 4pc Tactician)

Here you start reaching the soft-cap on skillpower for many abilities which means that at least one component of the ability is no longer benefitting from additional skillpower.

General hard-cap = 54k skillpower (27k with 4pc Tactician)

At this point the majority of abilities gain no additional benefit from skillpower.

Pulse hard-cap = 58k skillpower (29k with 4pc Tactician)

This is the cap that most people are looking for to maximize the benefit of Pulse for their team. If you are the designated Pulse user then you should ensure that you reach this cap.

Skillpower Cap Chart

The table below shows the caps for some of the most commonly used abilities. One strategy may be to stay below all of the soft-caps so that you never waste any skillpower while some may prefer to reach the hard cap for certain abilities such as Smart Cover and Pulse. You may “waste” some skillpower by pushing up to the 58k skillpower hard-cap on pulse for an extra 5% critical hit damage but it’s important to remember that all 4 team members benefit from that 5%.

Skillpower cap for popular abilities Example:

The blue dots show where the “cooldown cap” is reached. For example, for First Aid (Overdose) the cooldown cap is reached at 40k skillpower and that cap is 20s as indicated by the text next to the dot. The orange dot is indicating where the “primary effect cap” is reached. For First Aid (Overdose) this means that the strength of the heal is a maximum of 100k hp which occurs at 53k skillpower.

Skillpower Caps for All Abilities


Each version of pulse has the same caps, 40% crit chance, 100% crit damage, and 20 second cooldown; however these caps occur at different levels of skillpower. For example, the skillpower required for the 20 second cooldown on pulse is 48k for None, Scrambler, and Recon Pack but Tactical Scanner requires 51k to reach the 20 second cooldown threshold. The yellow dots represent the “average skillpower” of Effect 1, Effect 2, and Cooldown which is useful for determining the value of the ability. For example, Tactical Scanner has the lowest “average skillpower” which means you are getting the most bang for your buck. All of the pulse versions reach the same cap (40%, 100%, 20s), however Tactical Scanner allows you to reach all 3 caps with the least amount of skillpower.

When you are considering using an ability with a higher “average skillpower” just make sure that you are getting additional utility out of it. For example, Zapper turret does not have the lowest average skillpower but it does provide crowd control and similarly Ammo Cache does not have the lowest average skillpower but it does reduce the cooldowns of your allies in its range.

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