This guide will break down the damage stats on each piece of gear to help you understand which stats are best for both PVE and PVP. The charts below in this guide use a character setup similar to one you might find in a PVE environment with at least one player on the team running a 58k skillpower pulse. Even if you don’t play with one of these amazing skillpower players the charts will still be a close approximation to how you should value each stat.

The first step in gearing your character is identifying the type of player that you are. If you are a PVE player then you should consider every stat below but if you are a PVP player then you can ignore damage vs. elites and enemy armor damage since these stats do not increase your damage against other players. If you are a player who enjoys both PVP and PVE then you may want to consider taking the more versatile stat such as crit chance which is useful in both PVE and PVP even though it may be slightly less than optimal in a PVE environment.

Damage vs. elites

It is important to note that “elites” are only enemies with yellow health bars so this stat is only useful in “challenge” difficulty content, against DZ bosses, and in DZ03 or higher. Damage vs. elites will be fairly useless if you spend a lot of time in DZ01-DZ03 but it could help immensely if you are struggling to clear Challenge mode Falcons Lost.


The firearms represented in these charts comes from the 470-575 firearms that may be on your item. Note that a “low roll” on your firearms stat vs a “high roll” is only about a 3% difference in damage. If you are at 3500+ firearms then stacking more firearms becomes substantially less beneficial and instead you may find it more worthwhile to stack stamina to activate a weapon talent or just because stamina is great for keeping you alive.

Enemy Armor Damage

Enemy armor damage is the lowest priority damage stat since crit chance is roughly equivalent in terms of its DPS benefit and crit chance is more versatile. However if you are using a caduceus sticky bomb build then enemy armor damage actually increases the damage of your BFB.

Crit Chance

If you intend to focus on PVP then crit chance will be your priority. It doesn’t matter how high your critical hit damage is if you have low critical hit chance.

Critical Hit Damage

This another great stat for increasing your damage as long as you have the crit to back it up. If you are a high skillpower player with low crit chance then the critical hit damage is far less important.

Mod Slot

The only reason you would ever want a mod slot on a piece of gear is to activate weapon talents. It is a significant DPS loss (or general stat loss) to prioritize mod slots on your gear. The most DPS you can get out of a mod slot is 3-4% and that would require a mod with firearms and crit chance.


The damage increase between crit chance and enemy armor damage is roughly equivalent on your mask so if you are able to choose then always choose crit chance for versatility. If you are building a skillpower pulse build then you should take skillpower on your mask.

Mask: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats


If you are focusing on PVP then you should consider whether you want to boost your DPS by 3-4% with that mod slot or instead reroll for bonus armor which is the single largest source of bonus armor in the game.

Chest: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats


Firearms will rank very highly on each piece of gear but you do not want to stack gear with pure firearms otherwise you will end up with 17k HP and you will die a lot. The Firearms stat is included in each plot since it is technically a damage stat and it helps to put each of the other stats into perspective.


Consider grabbing 5.5k skillpower instead of crit damage if you plan to use Pulse or Smartcover.

Backpack: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats


If you plan to focus on PVP the best roll on this item would be crit damage, crit chance, and smg damage.

Gloves: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats

Knee Pads

Kneepad: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats

Mod Slot

Each mod slot with crit chance can increase your damage by a little more than 2%. Even though Firearms appears to be the best mod stat here it will become less valuable as you gain more and you will likely need to mod to activate weapon talents.

Mod: Percent Damage Increase From Offensive Stats

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