Each gear set contributes to your damage output in different ways (headshot dmg, crit hit dmg, etc.) and it can be difficult to make a direct comparison. This guide will break down each gear set bonus in a very detailed way which will enable you to get the most damage out of your build.

A damage chart has been provided for the most common weapons (SMG/Marksman Rifle) with each chart specified for either PVE or PVP. The PVP chart ignores stats such as Enemy Armor Damage and Damage to Elites which means that the Sentry 3-set bonus and Striker 2-set bonus do not appear on the chart.

Sentry’s Call

This is the strongest set bonuses in the game for semi-automatic weapons (pistol, shotgun, marksman rifle). Land 3 headshots and your entire team will deal 45% more damage to the target. Missing shots has no penalty and your teammates using this set bonus can make the damage debuff stack faster and refresh its duration. If three teammates are using this set bonus then 1 headshot from each teammate can instantly apply all 3 stacks which makes this set bonus very powerful in both PVP and PVE.

Striker’s Battlegear

Your “true accuracy” (hit percentage - not accuracy in terms of the accuracy stat in the game) must be 67% in order to “theoretically” break-even on the 4-set bonus. When you break-even you gain 0% damage bonus and you are actually still losing 1% damage per second according to the set bonus which means you actually need at least 72.5% accuracy to break-even (see chart below). The ramp up time is fairly large as well since you need to land 100 bullets (at a 100% hit rate) at a very minimum to gain the maximum benefit which could be 2-4 magazines depending on the gun. Here is a chart to help you visualize:

If you are able to maintain 100% accuracy with the AUG this means that you would need to shoot 109 bullets into your target to reach the full buff for Striker 4-set which would require two reloads. As your accuracy decreases to more realistic levels the number of bullets required to reach the 100% damage buff increases exponentially. At 75% accuracy you would need to shoot 609 bullets (12 reloads) before you max out Striker 4-set. This also a best case scenario calculation which assumed 100% uptime; if you need to stay in cover to regain health, run to the next room with enemies, wait for the next wave of enemies to spawn, etc. you would need even higher accuracy or more bullets to achieve similar results.

The chart above shows you the amount of time (in seconds) you can expect to spend getting to the 100% damage bonus. Anything below 72.5% accuracy means that you are losing your damage bonus at a very fast rate. Taking a look at leaderboards for top players in a variety of games you will find hit percentages ranging from 20% to 50% with the exception being shotguns which may have higher accuracies up to 90%. If you aim exclusively for headshots then your accuracy is likely to be on the low side. This has led some to believe that the striker set is intended to be used with a shotgun since each pellet (8 pellets per shot) applies a 1% gain (if it hits) and 2% loss (if it misses) thereby dramatically decreasing ramp up time if you can remain accurate. However, for the average player, achieving these accuracy numbers will prove difficult and unlikely. In a PVE environment you may be able to take your time and stack it up but in a PVP situation the ramp up time combined with realistic hit percentages mean that this 4-set is fairly useless.

Tactician’s Authority

A balanced team will want at least one player, possibly two players running this set bonus. Reaching the 58k skillpower hard-cap on pulse is very easy since you only need 29k skillpower with the 4-set. This allows you to adopt a more well-rounded build by allocating your stats towards more damage, mitigation, and health. In addition to using pulse you will want to use First Aid (Overdose) to maximize the benefit of the overheal for your teammates.

At 1% skillpower gain per 60,000 damage it will require 6,000,000 damage to reach the maximum buff. This will require finding multiple targets to fully stack. Keep your team moving and dealing damage to keep your stacks high so you can provide your team with a stronger pulse. Minimize your downtime between enemies to reduce your stack losses. This is a strong set for PVP (only if you are playing in a group of 3-4 people) since you will increase the damage of your team while also providing a large overheal.

Damage Charts

The charts below will show you how much damage each 2/3/4 set will contribute to your damage. The charts change slightly with respect to whether you are using an SMG or a Marksman Rifle but the slight change does not alter the overall conclusion. The 4-set Sentry’s Call combined with the “2-set” of Savage gloves and a Reckless chest talent will produce the greatest damage in both PVE and PVP. This assumes that you: 1) are not crit capped, 2) are not shooting targets in cover, and 3) can survive the extra incoming damage from Reckless.

You will see multiple bars of the same color for Sentry 4-set and Tactician 2/4-set. These bars represent the added benefit of each member on your team. The tactician damage comparison is done using the increase in damage that you and your team will deal when using Pulse. If you use Pulse while playing solo then you only benefit from the darkest blue bar, however if you use pulse with a team of 4 then all of the blue bars are valid since each team member’s damage will increase from your Pulse. Likewise the darkest Sentry 4-set bar is the only bar which is valid when you are playing solo. What does this mean? It means that a team of 4 rogues has a massive advantage on your party of 2 so you should stay away from them or make some new friends and fill a party of 4.

Marksman Rifle PVE

Best 4 set: Sentry
Best 2 set: Reckless + Savage

Marksman Rifle PVP

Best 4 set: Sentry
Best 2 set: Reckless + Savage


Best 4 set: Sentry
Best 2 set: Reckless + Savage


Best 4 set: Sentry
Best 2 set: Reckless + Savage

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