Once you have decided to run from a fight you need to figure out where you are going. There are a few parameters to consider when choosing a path.

Run, Forest, Run

You want a route with:
  • Minimal AI enemies in your way
  • Lots of obstacles to prevent you from getting bleeds applied or timers reset
  • Straightaways that are short in length
  • No dead ends – but lots of less traveled areas
  • Tunnels whenever possible
  • Confusing buildings (for your enemies)

Having a circular route for running from rogues or as a rogue is helpful because you can start at any point and end whenever your timer is out with as many loops as needed (but you shouldn’t even need one full loop). This route takes you through a large percentage of the map which means that as soon as you go rogue anywhere on the map you can reach this route within a few hundred feet. Since it is circular you will always have that “next destination” in mind.

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