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The Division is an evolving game with regular updates that will leave you wondering how to adapt to the changes. Our goal is to share every scrap of useful information and provide you with in-depth analysis so that you can empower yourself with knowledge and operate on a level playing field.

Here is a little more information about what you can expect from each content category:

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This is the place for information about upcoming game updates including patch notes, developer comments, and official Ubisoft/Massive posts. We will notify you here when we release new guides/tips and we may occasionally feature community content.


This is bite sized content that you are able to implement immediately to improve the quality of your gaming experience. Tips may be as simple as learning how to perform a mundane task more efficiently or as complex as demonstrating a high-level game mechanic.


Guides are designed to go into great detail about specific aspects of the game. We will provide high-level insight into strategies for the Darkzone, incursions, gear, weapons, game mechanics, and more. Charts are commonly used to help you visualize complex concepts or large amounts of data. Our goal is to make our content easy for any gamer to understand and apply.


This is a small treasure trove of links to websites, databases, and game tools that you may find useful.