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     New 1.6 Last Stand Guide!

New 1.6 Last Stand Darkzone Guide

             Patch: 1.6

March 1, 2017   |   23:16ST      

     1.6: Last Stand Release Trailer

The latest patch and content expansion is set to be released tomorrow, Februrary 28, 2017. Check out the trailer below!

             Patch: 1.5

February 27, 2017   |   15:00 EST      

     New 1.6 Incursion Guide!

New 1.6 Last Stand Darkzone

             Patch: 1.5

January 26, 2017   |   22:30 EST      

     New 1.6 Darkzone Information!

New 1.6 Last Stand Darkzone

             Patch: 1.5

January 25, 2017   |   18:30 EST      

     1.6: Last Stand Details

1.6 Last Stand

Where to find the new dedicated PvP Game Mode

  • Head to the terminal under the Base of Operations
  • It will be in the back right next to the Recalibration Station

Dedicated PvP Game Mode (Separate PvP Combat Arena)

  • Objective based gameplay
  • Clear win conditions
  • PvE enemies and Landmarks also exists in this game mode


  • The JTF was forced with withdraw from an area and they left behind important intel. Compete against another team of players to transfer the data off the terminals before the other team.

Combat Specifics

  • Two teams of 8 players, each team is subdivided into two squads of 4 players.
  • Maximum party size for queueing is 4 players.
  • There are 3 terminals for extracting data
  • Extract enough data to win the game
  • The exclusive PvP maps are based roughly on the Dark Zone (DZ 1-3, DZ 4-6, DZ 7-8, DZ 8-9)
  • Maximum match duration of 20 minutes.
  • Capturing a terminal will give you a spawn location there.
  • Late game will automatically spawn you near teammates for faster pace gameplay.


  • Based on your current gear score
  • Based on how well you have been playing recently


  • Limit the impacts of Gear Sets
  • Limit the impacts of stat randomness

Combining PvP and PvE

  • NPCs guard control points
  • Killing NPC earns you SHD tech
  • SHD tech can be used to purchase temporary tactical boosts and fortifications.

Tactical upgrades purchasable with SHD tech (examples)

  • automatic defense turret
  • pulse scan to alert you to enemies around your base
  • faster data upload speeds
  • more points for killing enemies


  • experience points up to rank 40 (earn caches each level, and beyond)
  • earn exclusive vanity items at certain milestones
  • never lose your Last Stand Ranks
  • Earn rewards when you win
  • Get ranked based on your performance based on 30 possible categories.


             Patch: 1.5

January 20, 2017   |   15:00 EST      

     Update 1.6 Details

Update 1.6

  • Expanding the game map
  • Adding new special events
  • Revamping named gear
  • Adding Dark Zone Leaderboards
  • Adding a new difficulty level

The Northern Front

  • This is an expansion of the Dark Zone to the North for DZ07, DZ08, and DZ09.
  • It almost doubles the playable size of the current Dark Zone.
  • Lots of vertical space, rooftops, and underground areas.
  • Clearing Landmarks will now place loot directly in your inventory (no need to extract).
  • New Landmarks will continue to spawn waves of enemies.
  • You can now fast travel between checkpoints.

Contamination Events

  • These are special events in the Dark Zone
  • Roughly every hour Cleaners will sweep through a heavily contaminated zone burning bodies (they also kill civilians so your job is to prevent this by stopping them).
  • Contamination is at lethal levels and your virus filter is no longer enough you will need to manage your health carefully while completing this event.

Dark Zone Leaderboards

  • These will track a wide range of PvP and PvE activities in the Dark Zone.
  • They combine to form a total score and you will be rewarded weekly/monthly based on rank.

Legendary Difficulty

  • Even more difficult than Heroic Incursions
  • All previous content in these missions has been replaced with new, more difficult content.
  • Enemies are significantly tougher (similar to Hunters in Survival Mode).
  • It does scale based on the number of players, but it is intended for groups of 4.
  • The main difficulty is not enemy health but rather learning tactics and strategy.
  • Exclusive Vanity items not found anywhere else and tons of rewards.
  • Planned to expand to additional missions but for now only available on:
    • Times Square
    • WarrenGate Power Plant
    • Napalm Production Site

Exotic Items and New Gear Sets

  • Named Weapons and Gear are now called “Exotics”
  • Exotic Weapon Sets (must have multiple equipped to activate special talents)
  • Exotic Caches – guarantee 1 Exotic item (available as weekly reward from Legendary missions)
  • Valkyria - (split into 2 weapons (Hildr and Eir)
  • Some Examples:
    • Hungry Hog (Glutton) - Killing a target increases your damage dealt by 20% until you stop firing.
    • Tenebrae (Lights Out) - Destroying an enemy weak point resets skill cooldowns for you and nearby group members.

Gear Set Changes

  • Reducing the power of AlphaBridge
  • Front line no longer removes your chance to critically hit, instead it disables your ballistic shield mod (such as Kintetic Breaker).
  • Reclaimer 4-set now activates all of the support station mods (Life Support, Immunizer, Ammo Cache)
  • Tacticians Authority – buff will no longer run out after 10 seconds, instead it disappears when you use a skill.
  • SEEKR (new gear set) – body shot specialty. 4-set will give you a guaranteed crit after landing 2 consecutive body shots (can be on different targets).

Armor and Resistances

  • Armor will be removed as a major bonus and replaced with health
  • You will need more skillpower to heal and damage player more effectively.
  • Resistances reduce the duration of effects based on your percentage amount (40% burn resist reduces your burn duration by 40%)
  • Adding diminishing returns to status effects

Skill Power and Skills

  • Now scales based on your world tier.
  • Now scales better at higher levels and worse at lower levels.
  • Changes to sticky bomb, changes to first aid (longer cooldown), shock turret no longer deals damage.
  • Signature skills – the immunity has been increased to 60 seconds (but you can no longer accidentally use your skill if you are under the effect of an immunity debuff).
  • Tactical Link will give you less stability than before.

PvP Balance (changes specific to PvP only not PvE)

  • Hip Fire – reducing its stability, adding separate camera setting.
  • Damage gap between headshots and body shots has been reduced.
  • Adding a 1 second delay between subsequent combat rolls to reduce spamming.
  • No longer able to reload while sprinting.
  • Medkits used at full health remove status effects.
  • Bleed slows you down but does not prevent sprinting.
  • Increased medkit cooldown from 12s to 15s.
  • Enemy healthbar will flash when they use a medkit.
  • Balancing the effects of multiple talents that extend combat too much (on the move, critical save, battle buddy, adrenaline).

Economy Changes

  • Unlimited recalibration has been added (price will cap out after 5 attempts).
  • Prices have been changed for some Exotic Weapons and Gear Sets.

In-Game Store

  • Adding a new currency
  • Special vendor – emotes, weapon skins, vanity items

Other Changes

  • Separate experience points for Underground, Survival, and Last Stand.
  • Survival – solo players will no longer end up in lobbies with groups.
  • Survival – reviving downed players will always cost a medkit.
  • Survival – grouping up in PvP survival is now disabled.


             Patch: 1.5

January 20, 2017   |   13:22 EST      

     New Survival Guide!

10 tips for dealing with hungers Guide

             Patch: 1.5

December 5, 2016   |   01:40 EST      

     New Survival Guide!

Survival Guide

             Patch: 1.5

December 1, 2016   |   14:56 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon Damage Falloff Guide

             Patch: 1.4

November 18, 2016   |   11:10 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon Suppression and Threat Guide

             Patch: 1.4

November 14, 2016   |   19:10 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon Recoil and Accuracy Guide

             Patch: 1.4

November 14, 2016   |   19:05 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon Optimal Range Guide

             Patch: 1.4

November 14, 2016   |   19:00 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon RPM Analysis

             Patch: 1.4

November 11, 2016   |   12:00 EST      

     New Weapon Guide!

Weapon DPS Rankings

             Patch: 1.4

November 8, 2016   |   09:00 EST      

     Division Tips Patch 1.4 Information

We are diligently working on New/Updated content for 1.4! To stay up to date on our new content and updates -> Subscribe!

             Patch: 1.4

October 28, 2016   |   13:00 EST      

     Improving Character Balance: Key points

A Special Re port from the Developers


The Public Test Server (PTS) will be available to PC players on Monday.


Many of these changes are still being tested on the PTS and they are subject to further modification before the official release of 1.4.

Gear Changes

  • Every piece of equipment dropped in World Tier 2 or higher will have all three primary stats on them (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics). One of these three stats will be much higher than the other two but this should provide a baseline of survivability since all gear will provide some amount of Stamina.
  • An example 229 vest has 148 Firearms, 990 Stamina, and 148 Electronics.
  • Critical Chance and Headshot damage will be scaled down.
  • All gear will have skill bonuses removed, these will be replaced with new performance mod slots on backpacks, holsters, and knee pads.
  • It will be beneficial to hang onto any performance mods you currently have.

Gear Score

  • Stat overlaps between Gear Scores have been removed, in other words a 229 item will always have higher stat values than a 204 item.

High-End Gear and Talents

  • All high end talents have been adjusted to be more viable for endgame. Some of them were increased and some of them were reduced.


  • This has been removed from the game.


  • There is a focus on creating more of a “shooter feel”.
  • The DPS formula has changed – and is expected to change again
  • Damage of weapons have been adjusted
  • The roles of certain weapons have been changed
  • SMG – very stable, critical hit damage
  • MP7, M1A will be less powerful
  • SRS Sniper, M2-49 will be more powerful
  • Named weapons will be changed in the future

Weapon Mods and Talents

  • Instead of 2 major bonuses they will now have 1 major bonus and additional minor bonuses (the amount of minor bonuses depends on the quality of the item)
  • Stats that are not interesting have been removed (Headshot XP bonus)
  • Some stats have been combined or reworked
  • (horizontal stability, initial bullet stability, stability) have all been combined into Stability
  • (accuracy, hip fire accuracy) have been combined into Accuracy
  • Choosing your weapon mods will force you to make more meaningful choices about whether you want a high DPS weapon or one that is very easy to control.
  • You should hang onto your current weapon mods in preparation for 1.4.


Damage bonuses such as headshot damage, critical damage, and armor damage will now apply additively rather than multiplicatively. This should make the game easier to balance and firearms will become a bigger factor in your DPS.

Weapon Talents

  • Unpopular talents have been buffed
  • Overpowered weapon talents have been nerfed
  • Some niche talents have been changed to be more useful in general situations
  • Some talents have been removed from the game


  • The effectiveness of armor has been reduced and stamina will be the primary method of increasing your toughness.
  • Amor will give you different amounts of mitigation depending on which world tier you are in.

Gear Set Rebalancing

  • Five-piece bonuses have been removed from the game
  • Some two-piece bonuses have been adjusted to focus more on utility and less on damage
  • Some four-piece bonuses have had their power adjusted

Skills and Skill Power

  • Electronics now grants you more skill power
  • Hard caps on skills have been removed, they now suffer diminishing returns as your skill power increases. This means that skill power will become less beneficial as you attempt to stack very large amounts of it.
  • Bugs for some skills have been fixed
  • Pulse has been nerfed to balance it with new NPC health
  • Some skills have been adjusted in power
  • Some skills have new functionality
  • Turrets are getting more health
  • Sticky Bomb and Seeker Mine will now effectively deal more damage against lower health enemies
  • Ballistic Shield and Mobile Cover have had their bugs fixed. They also have increased health and they will survive longer since enemies deal less damage.
  • Support Station now has more health and does increased healing. Solo players will be able to revive themselves using this ability.

First Aid Changes

  • Healing is now instant, there is no longer a delay
  • no longer heals you multiple times as you walk in and out of its radius
  • Healing strength has been increased
  • Overdose will still be a great self-heal
  • Defibrillator will now be better at healing allies and also revive them from death

Smart Cover Changes

  • Focused more on defense, damage mitigation will be closer to 35% for a player which high skill power
  • Damage buff has been removed
  • Weapon stability and accuracy buffs have been added

Signature Skills

  • Survivor Link has been reduced from 80% damage resistance to 50% damage resistance and its duration has been reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Recovery Link can now be used to revive dead players (disabled in the Dark Zone) and its healing has been increased. If you are playing solo it will automatically trigger when you are about to die.
  • Tactical Link has been reduced from 50% damage buff to 30% damage buff and the critical chance bonus was removed altogether. Three new buffs have been added which improve your weapon RPM, reload speed, and weapon stability for 12 seconds.

Consumable Changes

  • Incendiary ammo: lighting your targets on fire no longer causes them to stagger.
  • Explosive ammo: enemies will no longer stagger.
  • Both ammo types convert some of their damage to fire or blast damage which can be mitigated with Exotic Damage Resilience.

             Patch: 1.3

September 23, 2016   |   10:22 EST      

     State Of The Game - September 15, 2016

State of the Game: Key Points
Host: Hamish Bode – Community Developer
Guest: Drew Rechner – Senior Game Designer
Guest: Yannick Banchereau – Community Developer

Today’s Maintenance

We have implemented some “tracking things” and “stability things”.


The changes to 1.4 in this State of the Game are not all of the changes coming, this is just a small sample of the changes to come. Update 1.4 is still planned for release in October but the PTS will be delayed.

Some details about 1.4 – these are just a few of the changes that can be expected

Enemy Health and Scaling

  • A big focus of 1.4 has been time to kill – and time to be killed
  • We are fixing enemy health and scaling so it matches the scaling you experienced while leveling – it will be linear scaling rather than exponential scaling.

Video Demonstrations of the New Enemy Health and Scaling

  • The time it takes to be killed by a basic NPC has increased from 2.1 seconds to 6 seconds (so you can survive more easily – almost 3x slower)
  • The time to kill an NPC has decreased from 3.8 seconds to 2.1 seconds (so you can kill enemies more easily – almost twice as fast).

Difficulty Scaling

For people that are “super optimized” the game is not too hard, but the vast majority of players are having a very hard time with the difficulty since they do not have max pulse, max smart cover, the right gear set, etc. It’s even harder for solo players who do not have the benefit of “team synergy”.
  • We have 3 goals here
    • 1) an even transition between difficulty level
    • 2) relevant rewards for your difficulty level
    • 3) we want to help solo players enjoy the end game.
  • We want to bring back the RPG/shooter balance
  • Heroic Difficulty will be exclusive to Incursions and it will be removed from all other activities
  • Difficulty no longer determines the item level of the loot, instead the difficulty determines the quantity of loot that will drop
  • Level 34 or level 35 NPCs will no longer exist
  • Elite NPCs have improved AI – they are more intelligent and defensive

Group Scaling (Party Size vs. NPC scaling)

  • In the past the game would assume that everyone is playing in a party of 4 and enemies would have increased health and damage. This would mean that a solo player and a team of 4 would be fighting enemies with the same amount of health and damage. This is being changed in 1.4 so that enemy health and damage will now scale based on your party size so that smaller groups will face enemies with smaller health pools that also deal slightly less damage.

World Level Scaling (World Tier)

  • Players in 1.4 can now select the “world level” – this is a feature that allows you to set the difficulty and rewards of everything in your game world. You can set your entire game world to level 30 and enemies will drop level 30 quality loot.
  • When you choose the world level it changes: All NPCs in Missions, Open World (we are bringing back the named roamers), Underground, Incursions, and the Dark Zone. You will still be placed in the Dark Zone bracket you belong to so you can’t set your difficulty artificially low to gank other players.
  • World Scaling Brackets:
    • Tier 1: 0 - 163
    • Tier 2: 164 - 182
    • Tier 3: 183 – 204
    • Tier 4: 205 - 229
  • Setting your World Tier will change all of the enemies in the Dark Zone to the level you selected


There are only a few builds end-game that really matter, this puts a lot of pressure on RNG and loot drops.
  • All enemies have a chance to drop the best gear
  • Gear Sets will drop at the same level as high-end gear within a bracket. For example, in Tier 1 you will be able to get 163 high-end and 163 Gear Set items. The highest item level Gear Set items in the game will be 229 and there will no longer be 268 Gear Score items in the game. All existing Gear Score items will be scaled down:
    • 268 -> 229
    • 240 -> 204
    • 214 -> 182
    • 191 -> 163
  • This means that the max Gear Score will be 229 and high-end items will be more relevant and competitive with Gear Set items.
  • High-end items may also be buffed (this is not entirely clear)

Dark Zone

  • There will be no changes to Dark Zone mechanics in 1.4 – but we are definitely aware of community requests for a split Dark Zone (PVE/PVP) The changes made outside of the Dark Zone will provide a place for PVE players to farm gear as an alternative to the Dark Zone for now.

Plans have not been shared for:

  • Weapon Talents
  • Named Weapons – may not make it into 1.4


  • The PTS has been delayed (we are making changes based on Elite Task Force feedback)
  • We are trying to open the PTS next week
  • The technical test will still occur first, and then the PTS will be opened to the public a few days later

Graphs of current scaling issues in the game

At level 12 the time to kill is linear, but at level 30 it is exponential.

Notice the Power Gap between optimized and non-optimized players.

How the Proposed Changes would affect time to kill

The 1.4 update (orange) depicts a constant time to kill as your gear score increased proportionally to enemy level. When compared to 1.3, the same gear against the same enemies would have caused an exponential increase in time to kill.

The new World Bracket feature.

Selecting your World Scaling Bracket.

Other Statistics/Math related to game balance and damage output

  • End game mods – at lvl 12 your mods only contribute to about 6% of your time to kill, at level 30 its more than 40%.
  • Skills – these can increase the DPS of a player by more than 78% (pulse/smartcover) even when you don’t build for skill power.
  • The time to kill difference between players at level 12 is around 150% (so about 3x). At level 30 its 250% (about 5x) but when you min/max its actually about 500% (10x). If you are a really good player and you know how to optimize your gear then you should be more powerful, but not 10x more powerful – this needs to be fixed.

Additional comments about Elite Task Force

  • 5 Content Creators
  • 8 Players
  • Some hardcore (600-1000+ hours played) and some casual (below 100 hours played)
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             Patch: 1.3

September 15, 2016   |   20:42 EST      

     State Of The Game - September 8, 2016

Host: Hamish Bode – community developer
Guest: Yannick Banchereau – community developer
Guest: Quentin Correggi – project coordinator


Next Tuesday, September 13, is a more in-depth “special report” on 1.4.

1.4 Release Date

October – we are not committing to a date

1.4 PVP specific comments (Dark Zone)

PVP is not the focus of 1.4 – but we think the changes will affect it in a good way
  • Don’t expect PVP features or rule changes
  • The PVE changes should have a positive impact on PVP – you should not get one shot
  • Skill changes and gear set revamps should also have a positive effect More comprehensive PVP tuning will be done after 1.4

1.4 Focus - Balancing

Our primary focus right now is Time To Kill (TTK)
  • Its completely off and we have lost the fine balance between RPG and shooter and that needs to come back
  • We are reducing NPC health and damage by quite a lot
  • There is such a large gap between average gear and “optimized” gear and the game cannot be balanced so we need to reduce this gap
  • Overall you will still feel way more powerful against NPCs

Difficulty Scaling

  • Huge difference between hard and challenging
  • This makes the experience impossible for solo players, you cannot progress your character
  • No matter what your group size, every activity should be possible and reward you fairly, as a solo player it may take a little longer but it should be possible Loot
  • Loot is still going to drop in abundance – more and better loot
  • We are going to weight certain loot with certain activities so you can farm it, but all gear sets should be able to drop from every activity – this is a huge revamp. Economy and Crafting
  • You will see higher gear score blueprints
  • Other changes (they did not specify)
  • This is not the whole balance pass that we would like to do

PTS (Public Test Server)

  • This will only be available on PC for PC players due to technical reasons
  • We are also looking for ways to involve console players
  • September 15 – Technical test to make sure infrastructure works (log in/get character)
  • This will be limited to PC players who applied to the Elite Task Force – you did not have to win
  • If we need more testers we will open a new registration form

September 19 – PTS opens publicly

  • All PC players can participate (as long as you own The Division)
  • There will be no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) – you are free to discuss/stream the content
  • There will be a special forum available for PTS players to discuss issues

Elite Task Force

13 people were invited
  • 5 Streamers/Youtubers
  • 8 unknown players

Selections were made based on our internal analytics to select a diverse range of players
Multiple styles of players were selected including:
  • Hardcore PVE
  • Hardcore PVP
  • Casual profiles
  • Solo Profiles
  • Group Profiles
  • Some crazy guy who has completed all content in the game solo (including Heroic)

There is a new Agent Intel on the forums about Gear Sets if you want to provide feedback:

Of all Gear Sets currently in the game, which ones do you think are the most mechanically interesting, regardless of their actual power and stats? Available Here

             Patch: 1.3

September 9, 2016   |   13:20 EST      

     State Of The Game - September 1, 2016

Host: Hamish Bode – Community Manager
Guest: Kevin – Associate Life Producer (tracks server data/forum sentiment)


Elite Task Force invitations are going out today.

1.4 Commentary

  • There will be no new content in 1.4, instead some existing content may work differently.
  • The Dark Zone is going to be entirely different, so PVP balance cannot be done until changes are made.
  • The PTS (Public Test Server) will be a very good tool going forward (PC only for now).
  • Balance and performance are both being worked on simultaneously.

Elite Task Force (invitation to massive headquarters to help improve the game)

We are in the process of privately contacting everyone today; we have already contacted some but have not yet contacted others. It will be a wide range of player “profiles” who have experience with different aspects of the game, solo only players, group players, DZ players, etc. We will let you know when we have contacted everyone so you know whether you have been invited or not.

Preliminary Results of the Skills Survey

  • Nobody uses Ballistic Shield because its bugged
  • Everyone uses Pulse, Smart Cover, and First Aid because they are good, too good.


             Patch: 1.3

September 9, 2016   |   11:20 EST      

     State Of The Game - August 25, 2016

State of the Game: Key Points
Host: Hamish Bode
Guest: Yannick


Update 1.4 has changed – it is no longer the Survival Expansion

Plan for upcoming updates and major patches

Update 1.4 (free update) is coming in October and its purpose is to fix issues with the game
  • Bug fixes
  • Balancing
  • Quality of life improvements
The Survival update will be released later in the year (before the end of the calendar year) – but we want to get survival right before we commit to a release date
Last Stand update – we are looking at a release date of early 2017

Comments about the 1.4 update

What we are talking about now is a future overhaul of a lot of the endgame systems that are making the game “not fun” after level 30.
We need to work our issues out before we release new content, this is the reason we are pushing back the Survival update.
  • We want to look at the big picture, the whole experience, the entire “fun aspect” of the game.
  • We don’t want to fix the small things here and there – we actually want to fix the whole system.
  • These will not just be tweaks; in some cases, this may include redesigns of entire features.


We want to fix all of the small annoying things such as:
  • When you heal and there was a small delay so you died
  • When you put out your smart cover and your friend accidentally destroyed it
  • Performance issues such as XBOX stuttering


  • NPC Scaling
  • Loot – making it rewarding and scale properly
  • A complete overhaul of the difficulty scaling in the endgame

Quality of Life improvements

This is just a small list of the things we will be tackling in the 1.4 update
  • Weapon skins taking up inventory space
  • A “craft all” button – ex. converting all of your green division tech into blue division tech at once
  • Vendor buyback option
  • Running between the Base of Operations and the Terminal – no more slow-walking

Improving the experience is going to be the main focus of Update 1.4 – but it is not going to end there. If we have not fixed all of the issues, then they will still remain the focus of the next updates.

Community Opportunity

Tomorrow we will have an article on our website sharing our plans to include community members in assist us with update 1.4. We will take submissions from the community for people who want to come here to Massive in Malmo, Sweden. All expenses will be paid. There is no barrier to entry – this is not a marketing opportunity – this is not limited to popular youtubers, podcasters, etc.

Submissions will include:
  • Confirm that you are 18 years of age
  • Confirm that you can travel
  • Confirm that you are aware this is in Sweden
  • Share your views on the current State of the Game
  • Why you think you would be a good candidate

There is a very short time limit on the submissions – we will be bringing people here starting Monday so you need to have your submissions in this weekend.

New Forum Section “Agent Intel”

We will be opening a new section on The Division forums called “Agent Intel” where our purpose is to ask for player feedback about specific topics. These topics could be related to bugs, balance, general experience, etc. We are starting off this new forum section with the following topic:
  • What are the top 10 most annoying bugs for you in the game right now?

Community Q/A

  • Is the B.L.I.N.D. Rifle included in update 1.4?
    • I legitimately do not know.
  • Do you have any info on the Dark Zone?
    • All of our changes in 1.4 will have an effect on the Dark Zone and then we will look at balancing the Dark Zone after we see how these changes affect it.
  • Are you improving loot in 1.4?
    • It’s not just about improving loot; it’s about making loot more relevant.
  • Are you nerfing Smart Cover?
    • All of the skills are on the table for changes – everything in the endgame is relevant.


             Patch: 1.3

August 25, 2016   |   20:10 EST      

     State Of The Game - August 18, 2016

State of the Game: August 18, 2016
Host: Hamish Bode
Guest: Yannick


No discussion about Survival DLC today.
No fixes, updates, or patches today.


The next coming weeks are going to be very interesting. Expect more information next week.

The Big Issues with the Game

There are major problems with the game right now – we understand. The big issues require big fixes and this will take time. We agree that the meta is currently not fun.
  • XBOX Stutter (and general performance issues)
    • this is very high on our priority list.
  • PS4 Sound issues
  • Shotgun + Sentry’s Call
    • the biggest source of frustration for people in the Dark Zone.
  • DeadEYE hipfire
    • very strong in PVP.
  • Reclaimer
    • getting ability locked in the Dark Zone is not fun, explosive stagger is too good.
  • NPC Scaling endgame
    • level 1-30 scaling works great, above this is not very good. Regardless of how gear capped you are, you are getting one-shot a lot of the time and that’s not cool. You are currently not rewarded for the investment you put in your gear. Adding health and adding damage is not the correct way to increase difficulty and we need to get this right.
  • Underground Scaling
    • there is something off here, Hard is too easy, Challenge is too hard, the loot is not properly rewarding for the difficulty.
  • Gear Sets
    • Everyone is going for certain gear set such as Sentry’s. The gear sets that drop are not the ones that people want. HVT only drops LoneStar – it’s not rewarding. Underground only drops FireCrest and BLIND.
  • Named Weapons
    • “There is a reason we don’t use them – they are not very good. This should not be the case.”
  • Lack of a dedicated PVP space
    • People are trying to recreate that “dedicated PVP space” in the Dark Zone but it really does not work well for this.
  • Gear Scaling
    • To do Challenge difficulty you really need the gear from Challenge difficulty and to do Heroic difficulty you really need the gear from Heroic difficulty. When you are stuck in Hard mode trying to gear for Challenge mode you are not earning gear that will help you.
  • Scavenging
    • it does not make sense right now, Nomad does not make sense right now. It only works while you are leveling up but fails to work end game.
  • Performance mods
    • they were buffed but they still aren’t really usable.
  • Skills bugging out
    • these really need to be fixed.
  • Heal Delay
  • Weapons
    • they should all be usable, maybe not in terms of damage but in terms of utility.

Solo Players – All of these negative things affect solo players more than groups.
  • If you get one-shot
    • you can’t be revived because you have no teammates
  • NPC scaling
    • you run out of ammo because they have so much health

Issues that aren’t game-breaking but are still annoying

  • Stash size
    • we increased stash space and also gave people more weapon skins (which then take up stash space). Weapon skins should not take up stash space and that would improve this problem.
  • Vendor Buyback
    • accidentally selling something to a vendor is frustrating.
  • Locking gear to prevent deletion
    • accidental deletion is very frustrating too.
  • Vanity Item Caps
    • cannot collect all the vanity items (cosmetic gear)

We will have information in the coming weeks on how we will address all of these issues.

Player Statistics

The following charts have been created based on data provided in this State of the Game.


Dark Zone

Active Players Gear Score


Total Playtime

This chart was created using the previous playtime charts.


             Patch: 1.3

Augist 21, 2016   |   18:05 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!
 Firearms Scaling Guide

             Patch: 1.3

August 20, 2016   |   15:00 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha - Community Manager
RE: The ability to re-customize the appearance of your character
Hey, this is something that we have noted and the team has taken into consideration. While I don't have any specific update at this time, I will gladly follow up with the team and see where we are with any possible options.

             Patch: 1.3

August 19, 2016   |   00:05 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha - Community Manager
RE: Lack of developer transparency, communication, and feedback reception
Hey all. Let me start with saying this, we hear you all loud and clear. Sometimes, we don't have as much of a forum presence as we should, myself included, but that doesn't mean we aren't reading and forwarding these threads on. All feedback taken here gets sent to the appropriate team and we consider it when prioritizing fixes and updates.

One thing is certain, we have not given up on The Division community in any way. In the weeks to come, we have a lot of great things to talk about and I look forward to the work ahead.


             Patch: 1.3

August 18, 2016   |   23:20 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: mattshotcha - Community Manager
RE: General PVP balance and separation of overpowered PVE gear sets from PVP
We are currently discussing and exploring options for all areas of the game's balance, PvP included. That said, this is solid feedback that can be forwarded along to the team. I appreciate that.

On the second topic here, the PvE DZ idea, this is again feedback we are hearing loud and clear. It needs to be noted, however, that this approach would need a fair amount of tuning to prevent it from being too over simplified.

As with all things, no promise is to be made at this time. Just know that we hear you and are exploring our options.


             Patch: 1.3

August 18, 2016   |   23:00 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!
 Weapon DPS Guide

             Patch: 1.3

August 18, 2016   |   15:25 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!
 Weapon DPS Guide

             Patch: 1.3

August 15, 2016   |   16:40 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!
 Weapon DPS Guide

             Patch: 1.3

August 3, 2016   |   14:00 EST      

     Maintenance - July 28, 2016

Here is a short list of changes made during this weeks maintenance:

  • Fixed a bug where players could initiate 1 Phase Operations in Heroic difficulty by pressing a combination of buttons on their input device.
  • Rewards from Underground Operation Directives will now also include all gear sets from Updates 1.1 and 1.2 and you have a chance to receive additional loot when completing Operations with 4+ Directives.
  • Rewards from Underground Sealed Caches will now include all weapon types as well as all Underground and Update 1.3 gear sets.
  • Named NPCs in the Underground now have increased drop rates across all difficulties and doing multiple phase operations will give you a better chance at higher quality gear.”

             Patch: 1.3

August 2, 2016   |   8:14 EST      

     New Guide Now Avaliable!
 Underground Strategy Guide

             Patch: 1.3

August 1, 2016   |   12:45 EST      

     State of the Game - July 21, 2016


The next state of the game will occur in 3 weeks.
The PS4 update is still set for August 2.

Key Points

  • The 20% damage bonus in PVP has overall been a net positive based on community feedback.
  • The Time to Kill (TTK) in PVE is still too high, but this is a conversation for another day.
  • The B.L.I.N.D. Battle Rifle is a semi-automatic MDR, but it is still not ready for release. It will work with Sentry’s Call.
  • We are aware of XBOX lag and framerate drops and these issues are not completely on our side so we need to work with our partners to find out what is happening there. In-game this problem creates “stuttering” or “micro-freeze”.
  • There is a headshot damage cap now but you will never be able to reach it (1000% Headshot Damage).
  • Healing lag (delay) is still an issue we are working on. It is a tricky issue because it has to do with server-client architecture and it is not an easy fix.
  • We do not have a release date for the 1.4 update.
  • Loot weighting will be changed in the Underground; this change is “more than in progress”.

Bug Fixes and Updates

  • The blue division tech bug has been fixed. Now high end division tech drops from crates instead.
  • AlphaBridge gloves have been fixed and you will be paid back your resources if you recalibrated the bugged version of them.
  • The DeadEYE fix will be coming soon (tomorrow); we do not consider it an exploit for now.
  • We are aware of Brutal stacking, and we have fixed this.
  • The side missions are fixed today.
  • Getting in and out of the Underground is being worked on.
  • The Underground ladders are also being worked on.

Community Q/A

  • Is Sentry’s Call designed to work with shotguns? It seems too powerful.
    • Yes, it is intended.

  • Will you be at GamesCom this year?
    • No we will not be there this year.

  • How often do supply drops occur?
    • They will be there every two weeks, and they will exist until the next one drops to replace the old one.

  • Should Sentry’s Call work with burst fire weapons?
    • No it is not intended to.

  • Are the “Four Horseman” bosses in the Dragon Nest Incursion intended to be farmed multiple times?
    • We are aware of this and it is ok.

  • Where is the FrontLine Gear Set?
    • That is not going to be coming any time soon.

  • Where are the 229 weapon blueprints?
    • They do not exist yet but they will exist, no release date yet.

*This has been paraphrased and organized for readability Source

             Patch: 1.3

July 23, 2016   |   19:22 EST      

     State of the Game - July 14, 2016

Major Changes

  • Players will now deal 20% more damage to other players with weapons. This change does not affect skill damage.
  • More kill volumes have been added to Dragon Nest Incursion. This will kill players who try to exit the map area.

Season Pass

Monthly events start tomorrow:
  • Season Pass owners will see an exclusive supply chest drop outside of the Dark Zone in the streets of New York.
  • It is guarded by a group of level 32 NPCs
  • Opening the chest will give you 3 items of High-End or Gear Set quality.
  • A new chest will automatically drop and replace the old one on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Update 1.4 will bring more variety to these exclusive drops with random locations as well as increased frequency.

Community Concerns

We are looking into making changes in the following areas due to community feedback.
  • Drop weighting and drop rates
  • Multiple Gear Set changes that you would like to see happen to Gear Sets
  • Improvement of the PVP experience
    • Aside from today’s small change we are looking into other and bigger changes for PVP
  • G36 Nerf
    • We are following discussions closely and apologize for the inconvenience and confusion with leaving the recoil/stability change out of the patch notes.

*This has been paraphrased and organized for readability Source

             Patch: 1.3

July 16, 2016   |   09:26 EST      

     Developer Update

Originally Posted By: Natchai - Community Manager
RE: The G36 Stealth Nerf on Accuracy and Stability
About the Accuracy/Stability change; yes, it seems to have been an intended change that we (as in the community team) weren't made aware of. This one's down to internal miscommunication I'm afraid. Nothing more I can say about it

             Patch: 1.3

July 13, 2016   |   15:40 EST      

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